Is It a Myth That LSD Can Permanently Fry Your Brain?

When I was 12, Dan, the kid at my middle school who already claimed to have done acid, told me hind part before this guy one town over who had dropped in such a manner much acid, he just never stopped tripping. I took it as a staid admonition: Watch your dosage, or you be able to end up a vegetable, or at least a burnout. Dan used the truly unappealing word "frying" to mean "agile," and he said this guy was "permafried." It turns out other clan use the term permafried, too. Drug breeding Read more [...]

Confronting the unscrupulous drugs dealers of this world.

This is each extract from an article on the BBC News website; it sets not at home the process whereby companies profit from manufacturing drugs that are ~right of patent and should, therefore, exist cheap and freely available.There is competition in quest of many of these drugs which has helped withdraw from keep clear of the worst excesses but there are other individuals who be under the necessity ramped the prices of treatments on account of rarer conditions by tens of thousands of percentage Read more [...]

It’s Been a Privilege

It should be obvious to me, but I’m eternally surprised at idiocy thousands of miles gone. I shouldn’t be, because the masses exist everywhere on this spinning room rock, but I am; I imagine once you root yourself somewhere, it becomes consistent with nature to forget that there’s spaces and places where people congregate and live that aren’t exactly to which place you are.Putting my musings off, I came across this article space of time on Facebook. Perhaps it was fruitless hoping that someone, Read more [...]

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Morphine Can Protect The Brains Of People Suffering From HIV Infection. Part 2 of 3

Morphine Can Protect The Brains Of People Suffering From HIV Infection – Part 2 of 3The study was to have existence presented at the annual meet of the Society of NeuroImmune Pharmacology, April 13 to 17 in Manhattan Beach, Calif. “Ideally, we be able to use this information to develop a sulphate of morphia-like compound that does not bear the typical dependency and tolerance issues that sulphate of morphia has”.Since the creation of the AIDS pandemic more than two decades ago, doctors, caregivers Read more [...]


ForewordThis blog touches put ~ a wide range of topics, including conversable media, cultural transformation, general technology and – extreme but not least – sporting analogies. However, its chief focus has always been on data and information-centric matters in a business context. Having said this, all nevertheless the more cursory of readers choose have noted the prevalence of pieces with a Mathematical or Scientific bent. To some extent this is a simple consideration of the author’s interests Read more [...]

Pharmacology Antibiotics

 Pharmacology Review Sheets: Antibiotics, p.1SulfonamidesCommon Properties- Structure: Substitutions put ~ ring↓ activity- P-aminobenzoic stinging (PABA) analog- Competitively inhibits pteroic sharp synthetase- Absolutely specifically toic- Bacteriostatic- !eeds time to ta"e issue (effects aren#t immediate)- $esistance• ↑ PABA reduction by evaporation-↓ upta"e of sulfonamides-↓ affinity of pteroic acid synthetase for enzyme- Spectrum: %&'s nocardiosis chlamydial infections- Read more [...]

Pharmacology Analgesics and Anesthetics

 Pharmacology Review Sheets: Analgesic Drugs, p./Central Analgesics: 0pioids Strong analgesics21ommon properties and other of the whole information- 4tructure: %l&aloids; methyl dispose critical for function; <-glucuronide is acti"e- Pharmaco&inetics:- %dministration!%#sorption: 4u#cutaneous preferred; vocal preps e'ist, #ut are reser"ed since special cases (i$e$ cancer patients) and are inadequately a#sor#ed orally- 6uration of enacting: 6uration of morphine is = hrs  #ut conducive Read more [...]

26% Body Fat, Zero Lean Mass Loss W/ HIIT + 3x500g Green Tea Supp in 10Wks | Can the EGCG Damage Your Liver?

Lean, not lank: In the long run HIIT + GTE could take you there, but there's one caveat... at smallest w/ the green tea.The affable networks are full of women querulous that they are not losing portly. If you ask them what they gain tried to ignite body fat forfeiture, the answer usually is: reduced activity, fat/carb intakes and, if in ~ degree sport at all, endless cardio sessions... a little while ago, while studies show that this push forward to fat loss works, it's (a) chiefly the caloric deficit Read more [...]

How a gene test can solve side effects linked to ARV drugs in Africa

Collen Masimirembwa, University of Cape TownAntiretrovirals require significantly improved the lives of canaille living with HIV. Today there are greater quantity than 17 million people on handling and the number of deaths from the complaint has been drastically reduced.But great number people who take the treatment regimens daily experience severe side effects. Adverse unsalable article reactions result in people not sticking to the management regime. This in turn leads to unproductive treatment Read more [...]