Psychiatry, Eugenics and Mad in America Scare Tactics – Part II

By Dr David Laing DawsonI am not shocked that we passed from one side a phase in our evolving culture when we seriously considered Eugenics. Until we understood a small quantity about genes and inherited traits, every serious abnormality must have been considered every accident or an act of God, by chance a punishment for some immoral idea or deed. Certainly a stigma and affair for a family to hide, granting that it could. And, at the time, the distinct portion or village would feel no collective Read more [...]

Computer modeling for designing drug-delivery nanocarriers

A team of University of Pennsylvania researchers has developed a computer example that will aid in the design of nanocarriers, very minute structures used to guide drugs to their targets in the material part . The model better accounts for for what cause the surfaces of different types of cells undulate due to thermal fluctuations, informing features of the nanocarriers that devise help them stick to cells all a~ enough to deliver their payloads.The study was led by Ravi Radhakrishnan, a professor Read more [...]

Permillas Arten Lee (1880-1955)

Portrait from the August 1923 North Carolina Journal of Pharmacology.   Following North Carolina lawmaker Gladstone D. Gatling's profile in c~tinuance July 31st, we continue our stay in the Tar Heel State to take a point at the life of one term state senator Permillas Arten Lee, a embossed resident of the city of Dunn. A druggist by reason of many years prior to his useful office in state government, Lee had gained more distinction as the President of the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association, Read more [...]

The First Time Around: Shamrockmom goes to KCON-LA

It’s been a goal of under~ for a few years to spirit to KCON-LA. Somehow, something evermore went wrong and I couldn’t compose it. This year, I made it–and experienced a lot in the process.Long in front of I became interested in Kdramas, KCON-LA was practically in my backyard at the amphitheater in Irvine, the City I Love to Hate. The next year when I started watching dramas, a loved told me that I should ~ your way to KCON-LA, but it was held exterior at the Sports Arena in Downtown LA…in Read more [...]

Would you like to work for TRB Chemedica?

TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd is generally recruiting four Graduate Sales Representatives in the South of England. You ~iness have a life sciences degree, separately in Biology, Medical, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Nursing, Sports Science, or suitable experience in the field, with extremely good language and presentation skills. You devise be selling our rheumatology and ophthalmic products to customers in the NHS and secluded practice. If you think you’re the fair person for us then please ~ Read more [...]

Medical Pharmacology

In my esteem, at first the chemical does not therapy anything, because it acts on the original of the problem, put another passage, does not correct the biological terrain in what one. each patient creates and develops its pathology. Only acts adhering the disease and injury and soothing the symptom. You may wish to learn greater degree. If so, Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is the locate to go. Natural therapies offer advantages upward of drugs? Undoubtedly, Modern scientific medical science have spent all Read more [...]


WEBINAR: Is adaptive design the future of clinical trials?

Register with a view to the free webinar here - recent years, the evolution of novel compounds has slowed prostrate, due in part to rapidly escalating costs and the increased complexity to get approval from Health Authorities. To converse this trend, the Food and Drug Administration released the censorious path initiative in 2004 and the dubious path opportunity list in 2006. There is clearly a poverty for advancing innovative trial designs, Read more [...]

Three Ex-Militants Bag First Class From UK Varsities

Three of the ex-agitators of the Niger Delta in subordination to the Presidential Amnesty Programme have graduated from universities in the United Kingdom through First Class degrees.In a description made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday, the media and communications consultant of the Amnesty Office, Mr. Owei Lakemfa, reported that three of the ex-agitators made First Class from Liverpool and Bedfordshire Universities, time 19 other students under the programme completed their academic programmes Read more [...]

Clinical Pharmacology – An Essence

Clinical pharmacologists are the astonishment kids of the medical world. On their shoulders is the trust of integrating the know how of chemistry through the working knowledge of the human carcass and its physiological reactions to chemical compounds. This enables them to call into existence and deliver the most optimal medications toward various illnesses.Clinical pharmacologists can exist either doctors who have opted the specialization of pharmacology or have power to be researchers in the field Read more [...]