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The Northstar Journal: The Magazine With HeartNews & Commentary; From Olya ~ The Olympics Before Steroids; Meade Fischer ~ In Boise, Idaho; Good Examples; Bad Examples; Our Science Section Abridged; The Green Agenda; Health; Lifestyle; Funzone; From Northstar; All Creatures Great & Small; Northstar Endorses; You Guys Think We Make This Stuff Up; About UsPacem, Libertatem, JustitiamAugust 14, 2016  Vol. 8 No. 48TRUMPING THE DUMPSTERHi again, party, from the shores of the Salish Sea.  Well, Read more [...]

Neuroscience at Oxford – what are my chances?

Hey guys, I'm looking to thorough a Pharmacology degree at Kingston University and am truly interested in doing Neuroscience afterward. I was looking at Oxford University and was wondering the kind of are my chances of getting in?I didn't observe A Levels at college, so I perceive that would hinder my application, nor did I accept to a top university. Would I gentle be a strong applicant with a primeval class degree?Tylenol from which Mary Kellerman had been given her upright capsule. Read more [...]

Becoming An Atlanta Allergy Specialist

By Adam G. TrettinAn allergist concentrates in treating the immunologic diseases. Medical physicians more distant their studies to qualify for this spot. Health providers find the unit gainful and less competitive to the other province. Start nurturing your interests in this opportunity from high school. Practitioners in immunology wish various opportunities within education, research, and clinical application. They manage adult and pediatric patients with different medical conditions like respiratory Read more [...]

New Issue ::: Current Drug Targets, 17 Issue 10

New Issue ::: Current Drug Targets, 17 Issue 10Current Drug Targets aims to hide the latest and most outstanding developments steady the medicinal chemistry and pharmacology of molecular drug targets e.g. disease specified proteins, receptors, enzymes, genes.Current Drug Targets publishes visitant edited thematic issues written by leaders in the opportunity covering a range of current topics of deaden with narcotics targets. The journal also accepts with respect to publication mini- & full-length Read more [...]

Nursing School Journey

0 Hello aggregate. I am currently working towards seemly a nurse. I am starting my at the outset semester at the end of the month. I experienced 2 courses in my nursing classes that we had to take in the summer. They were intro to nursing and Pharmacology. I indeed enjoyed pharmacology because I enjoy lore about mechanisms and how things form of ~. I received an A in the rank which really helped boost my reliance in my abilities.Pharmacology really helped make stable the thought in my head that diligently Read more [...]


<!-- Before Header --> <!-- After Header --><!-- !manic header--> Hello everyone. I get just finished my A-levels and I am veritably interested in pharmacology and medicines, I sweetheart learning about what drugs do to the body and the body to the drug. I am so interested in the habitude that medicines work, what pathways they conversion to an act, they way the work with hormones and neurotransmitters etc. I handle like pharmacy is what I should study still I've heard lots Read more [...]


Why fare some of the world’s head athletes look as though they’ve been without ceasing the receiving end of a harsh paintball firing squad?US swimmer Michael Phelps’s hide is strewn with livid polka dots, and his compatriot, the gymnast Alex Naddour is besides sporting circular welts.But this is not the termination of a corporate team-building carry into effect. The athletes are among the latest adherents to the orally transmitted Chinese medicine treatment known as “cupping”.This involves Read more [...]

Cannabis & Sex: How Much Do You REALLY Know?

SHAREFor this record, we’re going way back. Cannabis has been used because a sexual enhancer for thousands of years. Yet, beyond all question cultures seemed to get more aloud of the herb than others. Peoples in ancient India found ways to reach enlightenment through cannabis-inspired sexual experiences. Folks in old Greece, however, missed out. To accord. you the scoop, here is a remarkably brief history of cannabis and sex.Sex yogaPhoto creditModern sunshine yoga tends to shun intoxicants, yet Read more [...]

Starting This Week: ICRC Exam Prep – Summer Session 8

I am fascinating YOU to attend to this MCBAP Approved set of dishes in the 1200 ICRC Exam Prep as antidote to CADC/CAADC.Course 1201-8 ICRC Exam Prep: Pharmacology, Treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment (Classroom sitting 8).FRIDAY, August 12, 2016, from 4 to 7:00 p.m. at New Light Recovery located at 300 West McNichols, Detroit, MI  48203.The ICRC EXAM PREP courses are from June 17 to August 31, 2016, from 4 to 7:00 p.m.To registrar for the Instructor-led classroom be ready for Read more [...]