Pharmacology at UCL?

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Hi! I’m currently in year 12 and desperate to study Pharmacology at KCL, UCL, Bath, Queen Mary or Bristol nevertheless i’m really worried that I’m not convenient enough for pharmacology at most of these Unis!
I got A*A*AAAABBBB at GCSE (A*s in RS and EngLang and As in elevated 3 sciences and textiles) (B – Maths, German, Lit , History) and was wondering that which kind of grades these Unis see for – especially as pharmacology isnt a self-same widely sought after by most populate ive talked to so was wondering whether as antidote to UCL id need straight a* and a at GCSE!
So distant I’m predicted ABB but started the year over rough so have been told I be inclined most likely be predicted AAA (AAB minimum) and I also am going to summer schools since biomed and a UCL taster regularity for pharmacology so was hoping this would repress?
Please be straightforward with me in the same proportion that to whether I have a occasion as im desperate to go to these unis (KCL and UCL especially) end dont want to waste 2 choices… express gratitude you!!xx



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Updated: February 27, 2017

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