OR Pharmacology Exam

0 Hello! I’m a of recent origin grad nurse and I’ve recently been accepted to a great hospital at the OR, and Im anger a pharmacology test soon.

I practise ~ing through it and im having calamity figuring out which resources to employment to study. I checked the Joint Commission and AORN Websites boundary I have to pay to be able to read through most of their content. I’m a long time lurker (for~ since before I was even a observer) and decided to ask for second here. Im posting in hopes of finding advice from the OR Nurses – which resources do you use when you lack to freshen up on basic essential? I’ve already bought some books, except none of them are pharmacology based to the questions given up~ the study guide provided to me. I own tried searching the internet to limit there are multiple dosages given as being each medication. Thank you in advanced! Your avoid would save me. The OR has been my castle in the air!

Here is the study guide that was with the understanding to me:

TA at a academy in Abbotsford and their is a crossing guard who is there everyday rain or lustre.

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