to medicine or not to medicine?

Medicine is not the like as GCSE biology, A level biology or likewise a biology degree. It’s healing art.

There are areas of overlap, and you want to understand many aspects of human biology, but that it’s taught in a deviating way to pure biology at gymnasium.

I think it would be most wise to keep your options open because of now. By the sounds of things, you’re selfish in the life sciences generally and you would lull need biology A level for a pharmacology or biochemistry standing. So my advice would be to accurate try your best and see by what means things go during the next year or sum of ~ units. If you still want to subsist a doctor, you can arrange be in action experience during sixth form and comprehend if it’s something you’d exist interested in doing. If so, and allowing that you’re predicted the right grades, I speak go for it – med school is actual different to GCSEs and A levels.

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