Nursing School Update: Can I Really Do This?

I be obliged never been so ready for a semester to be over with. I was tired. I was discouraged. I was OVER IT, excepting somehow God still provided.
The enumerate of tears that feel down my visage this semester were endless. I doubted myself. I allow my situation mentally determine my dogmas. I wanted to give up multiple ages (actually I did give up…kinda). Words cannot specify the peculiarities of the hell I went through this semester. I was in like manner uncomfortable because this was the in the beginning time that I was really challenged (Anatomy was a become firm walk compared to Pharmacology this semester). I was acquisition high C’s and some disreputable B’s on exams, and towards the first time in my 16 1/2 years of nurture, I was completely content with my last grade being a C. I absolutely didn’t care anymore. All I had to secure was a 74 to pass the rank, so that’s what I was laboring towards.


De’Ondra are you not a babe of the most high King? Have you not surmount worst than a difficult class? Did doctors not say you weren’t supposed to live gone the age of 5,but you are very lately in your second semester of nursing instruct? 


During this time, I felt like God was truly speaking to me. Reminding me to deposit Him and be strong because He is evermore with me. From this moment, Joshua 1:9 and the word ‘perseverance’ kept coming to my reflection (which is crazy because both of these were in my graduation dialect in 2013).

So, I listened. Finals week came, and I busted my in the rear studying because I was borderline in 2/3 of my classes. I knew that in Basics I strait a 78 on the final in direction to get a B in the class, and in Pharmacology (Jesus help me) I needed a 76 up~ the body the final in order to secure a B in the class. Seeing that my hindmost test scores were low and the finals counted 30% of my rate of ascent, YOUR GIRL WAS NERVOUS. I came over far and I knew my promise wouldn’t let me fail being of the cl~s who long as I showed myself approved. I prayed this simple prayer before my exams:

“Lord.  I make acknowledgments to you for bringing me this estranged. I know I fell short this semester, ~-end I ask right now that you exist the pen and the mouse. That you ~ by heart the glory from this. All I penury is a 78 on this Basics exam and a 76 up~ the body this Pharm exam. Nothing more, trifle less. I love you and I tick you. Amen.”

After taking the Pharm standard, I slowly turned in my exam. I’m acquisition ready to leave, but my professor stopped me to take effect me to check the number of supplementary credit points I had. Let’s true say GLORYYYY! I got an A in successi~ the final.

My last exam of the Fall 2016 semester: Basic Skills. I walked into the computer lab defeated. I went through the test like, “This doesn’t seem that rascally.” As I finished, something told me to case back to double check my answers (which I never do). I changed brace answers and pressed submit. I got the nice score I needed to keep a B in the order (still wondering if the answers I changed decreased or increased my account, but I am so grateful nonetheless. I highly wrought with 2 B’s and 1 A.

SHABABLABA this semester is extremely, but I’m not proud of myself. I slacked and had a bumpy landing-place, but I learned from my mistakes. I know better, so now I can achieve better. I’m not doing this instead of a grade. I’m doing this to trusty someone’s life, to comfort someone, to palliate pain. I’m doing this to exist a REAL Nurse, and I be able to no longer take this gift lightly. STAY ENCOURAGED fine people! #BeGreat

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