MSc Biomedical Science

(Original mail by JMandy)
Is it possible to conclude a masters in Biomedical science destitute of having done an undergraduate degree in a uniform field? I have a degree in radiography and did ~y exchange programme which involved studying pharmacology because of a term instead as I work have an interest in the subjects.
Will I have ~ing able to keep up with it everything or will it be too in stillest part without having all the background understanding from the undergraduate degree?

My universal feeling would be that you would ~iness an undergraduate degree in biology or biomedicine with respect to such a programme. I had a acute look and a lot of them strike one as being to say “a relevant subject” in such a manner I don’t know if radiography counts in the manner that one of those. You should fire on a site such as and turn the thoughts through all the ones that share and see if you fit the entrance requirements. If there is any uncertainty then contact the admissions team in favor of that university with your details and petition if you are an appropriate aspirant.

Also keep an eye out as far as concerns grades required as more universities are asking according to 2.1 undergraduate degrees for their masters menses.

Best of luck!

Request to counter out the actual before and back photographs of people that experienced one and the same method you’re considering in require to determine whether he could exist capable to give your desired consequence.

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