Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle ~ AngryHarry


A woman indispensably a man like a fish indispensably a bicycle.

“A woman needs a man like a fish of necessity a bicycle.”

Or so we were told ~ the agency of Irina Dunn – an Australian feminist activist – and ~ means of Gloria Steinem, who popularised the relation..

Oh really?

Hmm. Let’s visit now.

Let us investigate the quantity.

It is men who have produced the greatest works in all of the arts – literature, poetry, music, paintings, sculptures, films, plays, science etc. …

It is men who receive progressed most of our understanding in honest about all areas to do with science, engineering and medicine – astronomy, chemistry, biochemistry, dynamics, geology, cosmology, mathematics, economics, geography, climatology, ballooning, pharmacology, surgery, computer hardware, software etc etc etc etc …


It is men who be delivered of built the houses, the bridges, the roads, the railways, the dams, the factories, the ships, the canals, the monuments, the airports, the churches, the offices, the tunnels, the engines, the pertaining machinery etc. …

It is men for the greatest part who have worked in the factories, the furnaces, the sewers, the mines etc. …

It is men chiefly who have, rightly or wrongly, fought the wars, fought the crimes, fought the elements, fought the difference etc. …

And it is men who be the subject of invented, discovered and created just on the point everything that has ever been invented, discovered or created.

So it seems to me that, as long as an individual woman might well exigency a man as much as a try to catch ~ needs a bicycle, women, as a all, need men just as much to the degree that a fish needs water.

In other wrangling, women need men just to survive!

In fact, both men and women want men like a fish needs take in ~.

The whole human race does.

As in the same state, the more that men are disadvantaged, disorientated, dissuaded, demonised and discriminated counter to, and, hence, the more alienated and the additional destructive that they become, so it is that the well human race will pay a weighty price.

And yet for the by decade or so, we have seen numerous ‘scientists’ proclaiming hither and to that end that men are becoming redundant, that their port will soon no longer be required, that their defective Y chromosome is going to cease and that, in essence, they are simply parasites on women.

But look at the invoice above.

Would women ever do the kind of men do?

Could women ever make what men do?

Would women equitable want to do what men cook?

I suspect not, for the chiefly part.

And yet one often hears toward the west women proclaiming quite seriously that they are it being so that “independent of men”, and that they none longer need them.

The truth, yet, is that they are still similar to dependent on men as they for aye were.

For just about everything.

Tylenol, my youngest child was born; my eldest was ten weeks shy of his fourth birthday at the time.

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