Licorice and its pharmacology

In malice of following a fairly judicious methylation protocol and hearty diet since mid 2013 (3.5 years very lately) I find that I’m the two easily stressed out and positively exhausted from a morning gym session, from which I only feel close to according to rule the next day.

Suspicious of adrenal fatigue following low morning and day salivary cortisol levels going back for example far as 2005 (When I was 24 btw) I’ve revisited the options to shore adrenal fatigue from an adaptogenic pertaining perspective. This invariably led me to this
however I’ve some reservations about whether licorice would subsist a good adrenal support for me given its preparatory focus on raising cortisol, which according to my kindred type (A) might not be a beneficial thing since apparently I’m even now pre-disposed to elevated cortisol levels in answer to fairly minimal stressors, and require a tendency to clear it slowly formerly its created… and without diverting moreover much from the primary purpose of this blaze abroad I would say that I’m in complete confusion over whether I have moreover high or too low Cortisol levels. Firstly I prepare tend to be anxious and capable of being wounded to relatively minor stressors (associated through elevated Cortisol levels) with fairly superior blood sugar levels, but on the other agency I don’t have middle visible form obesity (indeed I’m 10% visible form fat) and my salivary cortisol results from my ‘principal’ suggested I had too low Cortisol levels… (allowing this was on a day to which place I had no stressors whatsoever in the way that perhaps if it was a regular work day it would have been totally separate)… Go figure..

Now according to the identical linked article above, if I had in ~ degree concerns about the Testosterone lowering / Cortisol raising goods of Licorice I can opt notwithstanding Deglycyrrizinated (DGL) Licorice where the Glycyrhizzin has been removed with some additional side benefits so as less risk of lowered Potassium (hypokalemia) and to a great height BP (neither of which would regard me since I tend towards Low BP and be obliged ample Potassium supplementation)

However before choosing DGL or erect Licorice I really think its desert understanding what benefits I’m lost out on noting that the previously linked article seems to suggest that its the Glyzzhirizzin composing that is responsible for promoting Cortisol levels and so (presumably) giving the adrenal support occupation that Licorice is known for?? Are in that place other saponins or components that accord. adrenal support in licorice? and if so what kind of significance are they or is it primarily the Glyzzhirizzin that gives the adrenal succor?

Will I effectively be throwing the infant. out with the bath water ~ means of getting licorice without the Glycyrhizzin make easy??

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