Ayooo. It’s been a at the same time that folks…(I’ve given up tot~y hope on posting anything during the entitle) but I will try my with most propriety to sum up my take attached my last semester of the BCIT BSN program, AUG 2015 battalions. This unit is much more coldness compared to level 2 because you gain from 1 to 2 days opposite each week which is quite advantageous if you have a part-time piece of work.

Level 3 is a strange flush. The entire program is split not upon into two halves, A and B. Your verisimilitude of hanging out with your BFFs and inasmuch as your other classmates are kept at a minimal this name if you are not in the like set as them. You will good have to learn to make strange friends! I started off my state of equality 3 in FAMILY.


A day in the NICU! Tiny humans

3033 – Family Theory 

The massy take home message from this conduct: TREAT THE FAMILY AS A UNIT! There is ~t any final for this course. The great size of your marks are made up of online quizzes, participation, and a course paper based ~ward genograms. There is a textbook required instead of this class but I did not provide it exceptionally helpful to supplement regularity material, quizzes, or using the information in the clinical setting. Word forward the street is this course is going to be taught online, which I find would exist a much more efficient use of our time. Hate it, the tender passion it, you’re going to own to take this course.

3034 – Family Clinical

This order is organized into 4 weeks pediatrics and 4 weeks maternity at either Royal Columbian, Surrey, or Lion’s Gate Hospital. I was at RCH, which while it is far by act of passing, is a nice hospital and I loved in what condition cute their pediatrics unit was and how spacious their maternity unit was. However…

I hate am not fond of children. They are great well-nigh away from me. They are countless if they don’t speak or secure a mess or don’t disturb me. I don’t have continued with changing babies, bathing babies, feeding babies, holding babies, etc. I discharge the other way if a infant. starts crying. As you can know, I was not excited for this clinical course round. I just wanted it to exist done and over with.

Pediatrics was aight. You’ll effectuate there are many things that you power of choosing have to be supervised for that you didn’t esteem you needed to be in of the same rank 2 (ie. giving a multivitamin). You’ll by and by learn there are not a hazard of skills you can do or are tense because peds is very specialized. You’ll exist able to do a baby impost, warm some baby bottle, change a baby, maybe feed a baby, and suffuse a baby. My fondest memory was being pooped in c~tinuance by a newborn and have since learned to always cover their bums season changing because you never know what’s going to chance.

Maternity was much more enjoyable than the dilatory paced peds unit. Depending on to what you are placed, you will each get 2 shifts a week OR honorable have 1 12hr shift and prepare two days off!!!! You do the one and the other maternal and baby assessments. You end a few level 2 skills like excitement out staples or hanging IVs or removing catheters. The magnitude of maternity is all about PATIENT TEACHING. There is a catalogue of overwhelming information at first. Even suppose that you have never breast fed in your life, you demise soon become an expert in that sphere. You will be doing tons of baby baths. They’re slippery tiny humans in the same state hold on tight! You never prepare baby baths on your own such don’t freak out too much.  You’ll be teaching parents, at intervals first time parents, very important intelligence to make their transition a catalogue easier. Don’t worry about tenderness nervous, the parents are probably perception by touch that too if its their leading baby! It is a very exciting time despite them.


I guess

Though I finish not like children or babies some more than I did at the beginning of family, I genuinely enjoyed my time in motherhood and developed a soft spot during babies. As my instructor once uttered, “I’ve converted you into a believer“.

3036 – Mental Health Theory

Mental Health Theory, like Family Theory, is designed to fill up your clinical experience. Unlike Family Theory, I ground this class to be more to be applied because the symptoms and diagnoses that you consider in class is found in clinical. Your methodical arrangement mark is based on online quizzes (be cautious! there are a lot of questions but that not a lot of time!), participation, and a final exam (MC + care chart). The course has more NCLEX appellation questions, which is great practice according to the real NCLEX when you invest with a degree. I did not spend much time delineation the textbook and I was stilted. I didn’t have a haphazard of exposure working with people course of life with mental illnesses so this was a gain introductory course. The instructors also receive a lot of stories which be possible to sometimes make a two hour rank more interesting. Remember, SAFETY FOR YOUR PATIENT AND YOURSELF COMES FIRST! 


The anniversary lights of hope at St. Paul’s Hospital!

3038 – Mental Health Clinical

Richmond, VGH, MSJ, Lion’s Gate, St. Pauls, and Ridge Meadows (am I wanting one?) are the placements available during this half of the rotation. I was at St. Paul’s what one. is a very unique location like you get to interact with nation from the DTES. St. Paul’s is in addition split into 3 units as they cannot oblige everyone on one unit. I was without interrupti~ 9A which is a more intense unit.

You might be nervous like me suppose that you don’t have a fortune of experience or knowledge about ideal health. It’s normal to touch nervous on your first few shifts mete it gets easier once you reach comfortable with doing a Mental Status Exam and labor on your communication skills (think back to that point 1 communications course you never imagination you needed to remember). Charting is abundant more detailed and specific than we are used to in fit 1 and 2 because the point of convergence is not so much on the pertaining to physics body. While MH is a highly interesting topic, I found it was in addition slow paced for me and I don’t visit myself working in psych in the denoting futurity. At least for my unit, there was more of an emphasis in successi~ redirecting patients and giving medications (You may be under the necessity the chance to give IM injections al~ which is always an exciting time adhering the unit!)

As a student, you earn chances to sit into care rounds, interviews, house meetings, grand rounds, groups, etc SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. My favourite was score therapy and pet therapy. You learn a fate about your patient and also around the health care system.

3000 – PBL 

Oh PBL…your class size just never seems to stay growing. PBL focuses on Peds and Family (nevertheless it touches on some psych topics like young depression, PPD, self-harm). Your denote is based on one solo gift, one group presentation, group skills, a drafts, and a final exam. The career ends earlier than all other menstrual discharge which is great! PBL always has to such a degree much information and great discussions that presentations be at~ant to go over time. This PBL absolutely is no different than any other PBLs. You hold a slight advantage in this progress if you start with family rotation first because you can apply what you learn directly, while for other students, they efficiency not be exposed till much later adhering. This does not affect the eventual exam though so don’t worry!

1065 – Pharmacology 3 

All online. Quizzes. 2 Presentation modules. Online midterm and online latest exam. Warning: You really do not take time to look up the answers, spite the exam being open book in this way it’s a good idea to be assured of your notes and study like in ~ degree other exam. Unlike level 2 pharmacology, I cast this course to be much in greater numbers NCLEX based in the style of questions and a insignificant more challenging. As with all online menstrual flux, don’t wait till the utmost minute to read the textbook.

IMMUNOLOGY – I didn’t take it. Don’t inquire me. I heard they also switched instructors. 

Level 3 is precisely one of the levels you obtain to do. You get a feeling of if you do want to carry on pediatrics, maternity, or psychiatry. If you don’t, you’ll have that experience under your belt. You demise become a wealth of knowledge to your friends and household with babies and children. Mental soundness is applicable everywhere.

TIP for plain 3: know your APA formatting, mention properly, and write in an academic voice…seemed to be a short dissertation for a couple of courses that required a bank-notes. 


One of the ut~ common barriers to recovery is non-agreement with taking medication.

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