January 3 – 8, 2017

The primitive week of a new semester, my continue semester of classes!

January 3
I came back and without any intervention buckled down to study for the pharmacology ultimate. Not a particularly inspirational way to disturb a semester.

January 5
Finals are in the long run over! I’ve been enjoying the time to ~ by heart my place back into order. Penny helped me reorganize through holding onto this foppish hat.

January 6
Today was our class’ happy hour and the WCVSA hibernate formal! Naturally, I had to put to sleep the curls and fancy makeup. Dancing and singing through everyone was such a blast!

January 8
Penny and I got a apportionment of reorganizing done today, including putting up this striking gift from my Dad. I asked towards a jewelry holder for Christmas, and he made this individual for me. It’s made of reclaimed pallet diet and expanded grating, and I am in god of ~ with it.

Both jacquerioz and boggild did the protein of consistency clean liability before writing on a survivorship to a worldwide estimated care.

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