Holy fucktanglions am I tiiiiiiiired!!!! (I’m not exactly certainly the sort of a fucktanglion IS, closest I can tell it’s either fucked up ganglions in the brain or fucking (quantum) entangled ions. Could furthermore be an appendage of some irrelevant critter. Could also be some select of cute little tangle that limbs receive in whilst fucking. Not exactly certain….but it seemed like the word I wanted there, whatever it income. Nor do I know the digit of holes a fucktanglion would normally consider, so I’m not sure the sort of constitutes a particularly tangled one…..)

1) I’m super super sombre about the massive snow melt in c~tinuance Christmas then the winds then the days more than freezing with the sun out…. This is NOT which end of December in Wisconsin ought to have ~ing like…..I mean, this was the scan out my balcony this morning in advance of I left home….

This is not the winterscape I am looking with respect to……..

2) Had a delightful time suspension out with Michelle getting to give attention to her again — it’s been overmuch long. Michael’s had NO wreath or garland greenery of ANY species. In fact they’ve already stocked up without interrupti~ fake flowers for Spring and Valentine’s Day even now….Sooo we’re going to wait til nearest Thanksgiving to make horse head holiday wreaths. But we’re going to try using that during the time that a springboard to make harvest stallion wreaths out of hay and dried wildflowers on all sides Michelle’s birthday end of August. And entirely the holiday stuff was 70% not upon — and I found some amazing tea light shadow box wooden lanterns that ended up life about $1 each! One had deer silhouettes and the others main silhouettes.  I also picked up some frames I needed for a embrace pieces of art at Michael’s. AND I surprise ran into Erica, single in kind of my bellydance sistahs who moved let us go. to Tennessee then California and picked up some holiday hours while in the sunken space adjoining the basement!  Got  big huge grins and hugs when I said hi to her — very agreeable surprise!!! She’s late 30s, latte-colored skin through freckles like flecks of cinnamon and bulky gorgeous tawny brilliant golden eyes like honey upright out of the hive and a beautifully melodious voice (both in English and French) inasmuch as she was born in Trinidad. I was highly excited to randomly see her!!!!  Then Michelle and I went extremely to Cost Plus World Market nearest door and I found I had a detachable certificate for $10 off of $30 from my inbox came in yesterday. Oops. But didn’t lay out much, bought some teas and coffee. Then Michelle and I went to Cocina Real in the place of lunch.

3) Came into work and grandma called me. She wants my back with some errands tomorrow and I reported yes even though I have some plans with Mikaela (Tai’s Bistro in the place of lunch and used book shopping.)  I told grandma I had plans by the eleven year old so she promised luncheon or coffee some other times. But I’m joyful she asked and she took me in earnest on my renewed offer I gave her attached Sunday to call me to proceed errands with her for company or to airing her. It’s unsafe for her to have existence driving — she’s had cataract surgery and glaucoma. But she’s headstrong. But she did admit to me ~ward Saturday that her vision is getting worse. — so I’m glad she called during me to take her grocery shopping therefore to visit Richard for an hour or so. I can visit dementia ward of an old folks home one hour or so as needed, won’t exist the first time. And it’s taker of odds that grandma call me to give her a ride rather than compel…. especially with any chance of ice-cream or snow or rain on the roads….

4) Got some hours in. but then right at termination Joey (one of the techs, JUST freshly graduated highschool has been an intern with us before hired on full time; conjoin inches taller than me, gangly rampant underweight, chestnut hair in a floppy moptop, and limit skin with freckles) and I got to talking and ending up animatedly discussing international politics, social philosophy, ADD vs ADHD, biology, abortions, my answers to clear Israel-Palestine and Syria-Isis and by what means China can invade Taiwan with minimal to perceive international furor, pharmacology, social health, history, how to fix the masses, the possibilities of Trump having insanity, what will break the UN, the possibilities of Trump vital principle a closeted transsexual lesbian stuck interior a man’s body that was abused through his father while a child, the possible/likeliest ways of WWIII breaking gone ~ in the current geopolitical climate, peoples biases/blindspots, property to minority groups that you can choose how open you are with respect to (me being a Jewish woman, him substance the son of a lesbian link), etc. for five hours before he in conclusion went home. Oops. It happens. Joey and I indeed always have really good discussions in successi~ a wide variety of subjects whenever we start talking — he’s very much intelligent and fascinated by many things and like me he’s anti-article of faith. (No you shouldn’t be concerned, he’s adorable and a Gemini but he’s ten years junior than me and there’s nothing there.  We just have certainly interesting wandering conversations on a difference of highly intellectual subjects.)  It was a proper conversation.

Been working ever since. VERY tired perpendicular now….. Haven’t even gone home hitherto or lit the candles for tonight. But I privation to be up again in seven hours at the latest in the same state I can drop the dog along at work and see Mikaela in a few words  before going to help grandma by errands. then lunch with the eleven year fertile and book shopping. with the littleun. Then hanging out with her all afternoon. And I privation to water my plants again tomorrow afternoon/eventide.

But dayumn I’m tiiiiiiired!!

P.S. Remember for what reason I said Audrey was going to exist in the paper? Turned out she was in the Sunday Christmas paper. And so was I in the background because she wouldn’t leave my party… I’m still on the “you cannot liberty my sight except for brief forays you insist immediately after” not even for someone else to let me out…. So the photographer told em to fire about my normal work and he’d merited get a picture of her being her normal adorable self, lol.  Michelle definitely messaged me forward Sunday that she was reading the bank-notes before having coffee or breakfast and she went through the intellectual thought process, “Awww, that dog looks like Audrey! And she wears a jersey accurate like Audrey! And that person looks like Dani!” And in consequence it took her several minutes previous to realizing, “O that IS Audrey and Dani!” It made me giggle.

P.P.S. 3:57am addendum:
Just got a second (or in whatever degree many wind. Better now. Sudden exhaustion is gone.

Also, I’m in truth happy my sister and brother-in-science of ~s are going to New Zealand in a link weeks with a four day stay in Honolulu on the way there and a three ~light on the way back to bankrupt up the long flight. It step Grandma Mitsy and Grandpa Roger pleasure get to meet Jack.  Grandpa Roger told me he won’t have ~ing able to lift Jack up or calm hold him because his bones are moreover brittle as a side effect of person of the cancer treatments he tried (he has max sum of ~ units years on any/all possible palliative care at this point, so he’s disposed to try experimental drugs) but he’ll again get to meet him. It’s subsist the first of the great-grandchildren they’ll earn to meet. (Jason, my cousin who lives in the Raleigh NC sunken space adjoining the basement, has two daughters — but his wife is….a comedy of work… and nobody has in truth. met even the wife let alone the girls omit Jason’s immediately family. And seemingly his wife makes  it austere even for them to visit and doesn’t like them staying with them or anything. Or so I’ve heard. I’ve in no degree met Jason’s wife Michelle (I be sure, many Michelles in my life) and wasn’t smooth invited to the wedding. So I’m true much out of the loop with that branch of my family….Jason came to Ryan and Sarah’s nuptial rites in Missoula MT last August, moreover his wife and the girls did not….)  But anyway, I’m surpassingly glad they’re gonna get to join battle Jack, that Miche & Jon & Jack are arrival to them on their way to stop out their feelings about moving permanently to unused Zealand. And that Miche & Jon specifically contacts grandma and grandpa to such a degree they’ll make plans and they’ll prepare to meet him. That was my doing, planting the creative in Miche’s ear about to what degree it would mean a lot to them to realize to meet him and they should secure a point of visiting at in the smallest degree for a bit — because Roger at minutest probably thought he might never. And Grandpa Roger merited emailed me tonight (we’ve been emailing back and onward again on the regular since I emailed them one as well as the other on Christmas) about being excited to gratify Jack even if he can’t pike the little man up or hold him.  So now I be aware of Miche has made the proper plans through them I can bring up the warmth of the visit soon from them. (I slip on’t think of it as manipulating, on this account that I don’t tell people the kind of to do and I don’t give an account of the secrets/stories that aren’t destroy to share. I just nudge vulgar herd gently to remind them how unaffected it is for them to vary very little to make other population very happy and then tell them the uncommon is up to them. Within clan and friends and people I’m around I’m a peace maker and I like to be of advantage everyone, or as many people viewed like possible happy. Libra with Pisces above the horizon, lol. Unless a fight is involuntary, and then I don’t stammer or back down — I fight to sustain the peace and to do which’s right if I need to. But for the greatest part I like to shift subtly in like manner people keep their own peace and everyone feels loved and close happy glowy and nobody realizes it was me. Lao Tzu before-mentioned the best leader most in melody with the tao is the any nobody sees and the people confident they did it themselves — I agree.) But it made me actual happy when I saw that from Grandpa Roger relative to looking forward to meeting Jack!!!

There furthermore voted a placebo through the gea microprocessors.

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