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Review: Neuro-Apocalypse ~ means of Reverend Danny Nemu

December 9, 2016 The Mad Artist Leave a annotate Go to comments

neuro-apocalypseThe second contortion in the Nemu’s End succession finds the self-styled Reverend Danny Nemu looking viscera to explore the personal apocalypse, where the veils of regular cognition are hire asunder and an unbounded world of the apocalypse manifests beyond. He focuses on for what cause the constrictions and convolutions of speech work to dilute the divine, etc. its sting and rendering it into the conventions of anything zeitgeist that currently obtains. This outlet is intensified by translation – in quest of example, any number of multiple meanings have power to arise in the text of the Bible at the time that it is filtered through Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English. Overcoming the cruel government of the Word, be it written, parole or thought, is what Neuro-Apocalypse is over, and Danny Nemu explores the frequent avenues through which this may take passage.

Drawing on a rich history of material experience, Danny tells of arguing through Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kyoto, of vexation his perceptive system ‘off road’ through large doses of speed, and imbibing ayahuasca, firstly in Japan and later in the Brazilian Amazon. From one elevated perspective, he sees the ‘problem’ of language and the pictures it creates, in like manner as he’s using it: ‘The sinewy system finds what it expects to notice […] We call false interpretations of the visual scene “hallucinations”, even though everything we know is an interpretation. The world perceived is the of the eye equivalent of a theory as up to the present time unfalsified.’ He says that our cognitive structures are the one and the other climbing frames and cages, but their bars be possible to be bent or reconfigured.

When it comes to geniuses of the like kind as Newton, Tesla and Wittgenstein, Danny points at a loss that their oddities and obsessive natures contributed in ~t any small part to their intellectual achievements and breakthroughs; and similarly by autism, the difficulty with abstract mind can be counterbalanced by the savant’s unheard of powers of memory and recall. Continuing this fibre, he notes that some of the symptoms of every epileptic fit resemble those of a religious vision, including terror and elation, omen and encounters with demonic, angelic or ancestral entities. And the syndrome of ‘sense of ~ voices’ isn’t necessarily all bad, when looked at from beyond the perspectives of western psychiatry. The point here is that there are many ways for the conceal to be lifted.

Entering the sphere of the role of psychoactive substances in the account of religion, Danny crosses the again familiar ground of Soma and the Eleusinian Mysteries, and therefore moves onto drugs in the Bible, re-evaluating the propensities of frankincense and myrrh. The former is a tranquilliser, one antidepressant and anxiety-reliever, whilst the recent shares those properties and is likewise an aphrodisiac. They were used with wine and other ‘head spices’ to constitute both healing and psychedelic effects, and at the time that looked upon in that light, multitude passages in the Bible take adhering multiple new shades of meaning. For archetype, in the burning bush story, the bush burned with fire but was not consumed, which perhaps is ‘a good similitude for the colourful geometric patterns that blazon around the objects of one’s circumspection in psychedelic states.’

As with Newton, Tesla and Wittgenstein, Danny’s renovated work has an impressive, obsessive monumentalism – the notes alone take up fifty pages. And the Reverend himself comes very as an Old Testament prophet reborn of the same kind with a psychedelic dub poet or DJ, sampling and splicing the pristine and modern in his own stamp style. Blending Bible studies with recital, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, pharmacology and anthropology, Neuro-Apocalypse is a precipitate eclectic reading experience, a synapse-stretching brain workout that puts a just discovered spin on apocalypses within and free from. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the cutting edge of psychedelic philosophy.

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