Recommend an online graduate pathophysiology class for hopeful CRNA??

0 I am looking to take potentially the two a graduate level pathophysiology class and pharmacology class to show my dedication and to prepare myself with a view to a rigorous CRNA program. I am having pinch finding a reputable program that is ALL online. I live in northeast Ohio and am desirous to take a hybrid or orally transmitted course if I must attend one time a week or so. If the credits would pass over into my future program, that would have ~ing a bonus, but is not a be bound to for me. Can anyone please commend any programs and their experience in them? The singly program I have heard about from CRNAs I shadowed in a circle this area is University of Akron, what one. I am looking into, but I dress in’t see only 2 day a week traditionary classes. Any insight would be MORE than appreciated.

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