NCDD Serious Science Drug Seminar – Day 2

Dec. 10, 2016

img_6399The 2nd appointed time of the National College of Dui Defense’s 2016 Serious Science Drug Seminar started by Dr. Oakes speaking on the pharmacology of drugs. Dr. Oak’s point of convergence was on drugs that were in a fair way to be present when folks are accused of driving under which circumstances intoxicated.  He spent time on drug classification,  interactions of drugs in the human body, the mechanism of selected drugs.


Former body of rules enforcement Anthony Palacios presented on the drill of Officer’s who are certified in the same manner with “Drug Recognition Experts” or DRE since short. This is a designation given to assured officers after they have completed 160 hours of schooling focused on the drug interactions through the human body.  Much time was ardent to the fact that the “expert” in the descriptive term of the Drug Recognition Expert is not a purpose by a judge, jury or the philosophical community, but rather a designation made by the accrediting body, the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

fullsizeoutput_17abThe third part session was delivered by Janine Arvizu. Janine Arvizu, each analytical chemist and laboratory data rank auditor was the star scientific mark at the trial of Steven Avery. Steven Avery was the subject of Netflix’s documentary Making a Murderer.  Janine focused her sitting on metrology and touched on chromatographic parsing.  Janine focused her presentation steady potential sources of error.

img_6487After a adroit break for lunch the group travled to the Shimadzu Center because of Advanced Analytical Chemistry located at the Univeristy of Texas – Arlington.  After a pilgrimage of the labs the classroom element fo the seminar started again.  The afternoon session was led by Dr. Schug and Dr. Stolz and the topics covered were Forensic Metrology and Instrumental Analysis.  Two of the ~ numerous interesting slides were in relation to that which was being measured when testing concerning alcohol in blood vs. testing against drugs, specifically, THC, in blood.

As you have power to see from the slides below testing during drugs, such as THC, in blood is much more complicate and requires finer instruments than testing beneficial to alcohol.

img_6416 img_6417

Chris really pushed since Tommy Joseph, who had a subtile season at the plate and improved his credibleness of sticking at catcher.

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