FL Hospital & Orlando Health: Any exams during hiring process?

0 Hey, everyone!

I was wondering admitting that Florida Hospital (any location) or Orlando Health required at all type of testing during the hiring conduct, like medication exams or unit-particular exams? I am in NICU and I accept worked places before that required, statement, a pharmacology exam as part of the hiring action (this is BEFORE beginning orientation). One residence had a NICU-specific exam, brace places had ‘generic‘ exams (that included of age medications and were not NICU or Pediatric-specifid), and some place had nothing.

Anyone know? If they required this form of testing, were you expected to take it blindly, or were you allowed to habit beforehand with a sample test, study essential, or even allowed use of a mix with ~s book?

Any insight would be in such a manner helpful! Thank you in advance!

She real likely doctor shopped, but that won’t have existence her fault.

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