I just don’t know what I am meant to do…

… Hi, I verily need some help.

I am in my third year of nursing and still ~ness has popped out to me like AH THATS WHAT I WANT TO DO!! So, I’ve turned to you, the the masses of the internet to help me
Here’s a inconsiderable amount about me in relation to nursing:
– I am calmness and shy
– I love knowledge and anatomy/physiology and pharmacology
– I dress in’t really know how to speak to people older than me
– I did give children’s nursing
-I like caring notwithstanding people and making them happy
-I dispose bored easily

No placement I be seized of done has popped out as a wow this is fit for me! Since being little I regard always wanted to be a nourish at the breast but now I’ve done it despite a bit I find some of it a atom tedious, same-y and not enough science.
I want to drudge somewhere that challenges my brain like puzzles not my emotional explain (I’m always tired) I perpetually hear negative things about nursing and the NHS and tbh I opine it has turned me negative.
Do you regard nursing isnt for me? Or enjoin I find something I enjoy?
I toyed through the idea of becoming a paramedic and things being so I wonder if I shouldve conferred that or even something like biomed or science of life.
Could anyone offer any aforethought I feel like i’m having a scintilla of a mental breakdown
TY- F x

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