Doctors of Distinction ceremony spotlights best in Westchester’s medical field

A cluster of 11 accomplished doctors — and single in kind future doctor— were honored Oct. 27 at the recurring with the year Doctors of Distinction Awards at the New York Medical College in Valhalla.

The conclusion, co-sponsored by Westfair Communication Inc., the father company of the Westchester County Business Journal, accounting hard Citrin Cooperman and the Westchester County Medical Society, honored doctors in the following categories: “Cutting Edge;” “Caring For All;” “No Land Too Far;” “Physician in Training;”All In The Family” “Female Trailblazer;” “Lifetime Achievement” and a of medicine student awards “Promise for the Future.”

Edward C. Halperin, the chancellor and CEO of New York Medical College, gave the keynote discourse at the event, and stressed the need for public funding and interest in biomedical examination.

“For most of history, comprehensive numbers of children died before their fifth birthday. Plagues and prevailing were constant threats and life was near, mean and brutish. It is no longer that way in the economically developed universe,” Halperin said. “Because we are total the beneficiaries of economic development and its funding of biomedical scrutiny. And the future is even brighter, whether or not we have sense enough as a sodality to invest in more of it.”

The at the outset award of the night, for Physician in Training, went to Farah Ansari, a third part-year and chief resident at the Northwell Phelps Family Medicine residency program. In her favorable reception speech, she said she could catch no ‘defining moment’ in her healing training, but rather a series of moments.

“Oddly plenty, my efforts led me to a manifold memory each time: whether it be emotional end-of-life conversations, the multitude beautiful babies I’ve had the animal gratification of delivering, or the families I’ve gotten to perceive along the way,” Ansari before-mentioned.

Next up was the “All In The Family” determination, which was given to Paul, Andre and Nabil Khoury, totality of White Plains Hospital. Paul Khoury left his home fatherland of Lebanon in 1975 at the breach of the peace of a civil war, and started moonlighting since a radiologist at White Plains Hospital. In 1990, he was joined by his brother Andre. Now the two brothers oversee the entire radiology bludgeon at White Plains Hospital. Nabil Khoury, the youngest brother, is a prosperous OB/GYN in Westchester.

Paul Khoury told the lie of his escape from Lebanon’s courteous war and his efforts to convey his family to the United States for example well.

“Living in a courteous war, I want you all to mean how lucky you are to live in this imposing country,” he said.

George Alexopoulos, professor of psychiatry at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Weill Cornell Medical College, was honored next with the Cutting Edge award. Alexopoulos was recognized conducive to fundamental contributions to research in the method of treating of late-life depression. He founded and allay serves as director of the Weill-Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry.

“This bestowal is honoring not only me, on the other hand is honoring mainly my colleagues in the community that accepted this kind of moil and wanted to experiment with us and form it all happen,” Alexopoulos declared.

William H. Frishman, a professor and chairman of the department of medicine at New York Medical College and essential of medicine at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, likewise accepted the Cutting Edge award. Frishman has authored greater degree than 1,000 original articles, revise and book chapters on cardiovascular pharmacology and clinical cardiology. He discussed more of the frustrations of research, similar as a constant struggle for funding, no more than ended with the inspiration that drives him.

“Why should we patronize and even mentor our students in inquiry careers?” Frishman asked. “Indeed, the transport of research comes not just from first sight, but being chosen as the foremost person to uncover a truth of usual that God already knows.”

Richard Charney, a clinical and interventional cardiologist affiliated by Westchester Medical Center, Montefiore-New Rochelle and White Plains Hospital, was recognized by the Caring For All award. Charney works portion time at the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center Network, where he has on these terms cardiology care to the under- and uninsured ~ the sake of a decade..

“It should subsist no surprise that according to novel data, Westchester County is a snapshot of the larger termination,” Charney said, “with 10 percent of our residents alive in poverty and without any health insurance, and 15 percent having Medicaid.”

Maureen Killackey, clinical boss of the Cancer Center at New York-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, was recognized by the Female Trailblazer award.

“A cancer program requires a team, condign like in the operating room,” Killackey declared. “A team that has placing in confinement, engagement, and probably a recently overused expression. — stamina.”

The new cancer center at New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital that Killackey last ~ and testament lead opened on Halloween, which she joked is “with greater advantage than April Fools.”

Bok Y Lee was recognized next with the Lifetime Achievement award. Lee, a adjust of the Seoul National University College of Medicine, has held a number of positions, including bludgeon surgeon and director of surgical research at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Castle Point. He has authored greater quantity than 300 journal publications and large scientific exhibits and books. He has besides served as a professor of surgery at New York Medical College and some adjunct professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy. Lee is chairman of clinical research and development at Off-Loading Technologies in Tarrytown.

“Along with those years with the college, in etc. to the scientific literature, his landmark contributions to crushing interim management and endless dedication to our of great value veterans makes him well worthy of this lifetime deed award,” said Glenn J. Butler, founding one of a firm and chief engineer at Off-loading Technologies, who thanked the awards committee without ceasing behalf of Lee. Lee spoke in the manner that well, thanking a series of mentors towards helping him throughout his career.

Lopa and Mantu Gupta, the recipients of the No Land Too Far allotment, were unable to attend. Lopa Gupta is human being of the New York’s governing eyelid and cosmetic surgeons. Mantu Gupta is a professor of urology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and boss of endourology and stone disease with a view to the Mount Sinai Health System. The two are co-founders and co-presidents of the SaDilka endowment, which carries out medical and surgical missions from beginning to end the world.

The final recognition of the obscurity, the Promise For The Future judgment, went to Lydia Bunker, a learner at New York Medical College. Bunker, who accepted her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, has \applied despite an internal medical residency and plans to give chase to either hospitality medicine or critical care.

“I’d like to reflect upon my so-called promise for the coming time to be the promise that I order make to my patients every lifetime as a physician,” Bunker reported. “A promise to learn from them, to bestow better every day and to to the end of time be grateful for the privilege of life their physician.”

Additional sponsors of the end are The Bristal Assisted Living, Danziger & Markhoff LLP, Val’s Putnam Wines & Liquors and Greenwich Hospital.

“Doctors of Distinction holds a extraordinary meaning in the repertoire of Westfair’s programs for the cause that it honors a profession, which have power to have a profound effect on everyone’s life,” said Dee DelBello, Westfair publisher. “Long the taciturn heroes within the community, we effort for well-deserved recognition to the doctors who drudge tirelessly here and abroad to convey good health to all. Congratulations 2016 Doctors of Distinction.”

“We were delighted to subsist a part of the 4th Annual Westchester Doctors of Distinction awards to keep physicians who have committed their lives to the curative field,” said Blake Spina, instructor of Citrin Cooperman. “On benefit of Citrin Cooperman, thank you because of the dedication and compassion that you lead to your patients. Congratulations to wholly on this well-deserved recognition.”


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