Countdown to Carve the Mark

ctm-ew1Even in the same proportion that many Hogpro readers and writers are counting prostrate to Fantastic Beasts, I am starting the clock in contemplation of Veronica Roth’s next line, Carve the Mark, set to debut January 17th. Even a little while ago, select readers have managed to earn advance review copies—not me, alas– and responses are starting to show on Twitter and Facebook. Thankfully, ~ly seem favorable, even by some that claimed they had a excessive time forgiving Ms. Roth for Allegiant. I uniform saw one five star review through someone who had not read in ~ degree of the Divergent series.

All the reviews to this degree far are spoiler-free, no more than here’s what I have gleaned for a like rea~n far from news articles, some hints the contriver has dropped, the opening lines, the select from Chapter 7 that has been released to the degree that a preview and several reviews accessed end Goodreads and Twitter.

It is anticipated as  the first book of a duology, a bring forward that should meet with the approval of altogether the Allegiant Abhorrers out there.

It is system of knowledge fiction/fantasy, not a dystopia. Reviews frequently compare the series to Star Wars, that should delight Emily Strand. There is equal something called the “Current” that endows family with mysterious “currentgifts.” One military assures us this really is considerably different from “The Force,” bound we’ll see. Another reviews wish likened it to “X-men in Space” through the heroine, Cyra, specifically compared to Rogue.

Like Allegiant, it is dually narrated, ~ means of Cyra and the male protagonist, Akos. However, Cyra narrates in leading person, while Akos’s story is told in third part person. This is good news as antidote to those who felt Tris and Tobias’s voices were not unmistakable enough.

Cyra, like Tris, has brother issues–Ryzek sounds like a actually being piece of work; apparently he rules the planet and likes to appliance his sister’s currentgift to torment people. He also seems to have a portion of Tobias’s fondness for knives.

The opening lines of Carve the Mark.

The introductory lines of Carve the Mark.

There seem to be a great emphasis adhering plants, with “iceflowers” and “hushflowers” the two referred to as the people’s “lifeblood.”  There is apparently also something called “feathergrass” that has hallucinogenic properties. I trustful longing Ms. Roth is better versed in botany and pharmacology than she is in genetics.

There are oracles and prophecies.

Roth claims that the protagonists are both Slytherins, as opposed to the Gryffindor-ish Tris and Tobias. This may give the reasons for the tagline: “Honor has ~t any place in survival.

Ms. Roth has promised us the couple a “lower body count,” and Divergent “Easter Eggs.” She besides acknowledged that Allegiant suffered from her “not reflecting things through” and that she did plenteous more planning this time.

Sooooo…  that’s entirely I have.  Unless someone finished there is willing to send the abiding Roth junkie an ARC. The question is…  will Ms. Roth constitute the same masterful use of psychology that she did in her first trilogy?

That’s it for this Election Day blaze abroad:  a reminder to all US citizens to carry into practice your civic duty!

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