Autonomic Nervous System – Pharmacology Question

0 Hi everyone! Been a encourage for 2 years and am going back through my Pharmacology text book to study it besides in depth to get a more intimate. see various meanings of good understanding of the drugs I give such as MOA, drug-drug interactions, etc. Right things being so studying the Adrenergic agonists and antagonists. I be sure that adrenergic agonists will stimulate your take arms-or-flight response. When I ruminate fight-or-flight I’m reflection increased BP/HR, dilated bronchioles & pupils. This seems to subsist the case for alpha1, beta1, and beta2 agonists…but when it comes to alpha2-agonists I commit to memory tripped up. Take Clonidine for archetype – used as an anti-hypertensive. Or Tizanidine – a muscle relaxer. What’s the deal?!?! Any aid would be appreciated

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