Parabon® Seeks Volunteers for DNA Kinship Study to Help Identify Fallen Soldiers from Past Conflicts

I got the following annotation from Laura Burgess, with Parabon® NanoLabs:


I toil with Parabon NanoLabs. They have created a DNA Phenotyping labor called Snapshot. By using the smallest total of DNA they produce lifelike images of the kind of the person looked like. Right at this time, law enforcement is using their use to solve cold cases from from one side of to the other the country. The Department of Defense has moreover contracted with them to use this office of devotion to help in the identification of some 83,000 remains of our fallen soldiers from farther than conflicts. In fact one was accurate in the news from Pearl Harbor today. What they require though is the help of more Americans to provide their DNA for a like rea~n they can link families to crowd of these unclaimed remains. Any race that volunteers will get a familiar ancestry analysis, but we just destitution up to 500 people (about 50 families) to have a part in by February in order to gratify the DoD’s guidelines.

The following News Release is from Parabon® NanoLabs
Extended families recruited to advance identification methods using DNA from slight relatives

Reston, Va. (6 October 2016) — Parabon® NanoLabs (Parabon) announced today a invite for participants in a research study, sponsored through the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), in what one. DNA samples from distant relatives command be analyzed to develop innovative kinship and genealogy algorithms and associated laboratory methods to fill out familial matching beyond current capabilities. Traditional DNA methods singly allow remains to be identified if DNA from closely related family members is serviceable. Many unidentified Service members, however, produce not have living family members who are closely of the same family. This study aims to increase the genetic distance over which kinship can be accurately inferred. The enhancements made in posse by this research will assist in the identification of the toughest lost personnel cases by “matching” DNA from cold relatives to that of deceased Service members, including those from diffuse past conflicts, such as World War II.

“This cause is personal to us at Parabon. Like multitude families in America, some of us at the set have loved ones who went lost in action. This study will relieve us make technological advances that pleasure one day reunite fathers, sons, brothers and uncles through their families. We need volunteers from extended families to prepare this research possible,” said Paula Armentrout, imperfection president of Parabon NanoLabs.

Parabon seeks to enroll 50-100 extended families (5 to 10 volunteers through family) to participate in the study. Participating families confer not need to have a not crooked relation to an M.I.A. white ant in order to qualify. Volunteers in opposition to the study will simply supply a instance of DNA from a mouth swab and answer questions about their house tree. In return for participation, eddish. volunteer will receive a custom DNA hereditary rank report and a small stipend. There is in ~ degree cost to participate. Those interested in participating in the study can sign up to be considered at:

“Our fanciful study participants are all related ~ the agency of blood and come from an extended clan network that includes a wide diversity of distant relatives, such as advance cousins, great-uncles, and grandchildren,” reported Ellen Greytak, PhD, Principal Investigator of the study. “We direct study the similarity of their DNA and employment the knowledge gained to improve our kinship corollary methods.”

The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense on this account that Emerging Capability & Prototyping is funding this investigation to help support the Department’s Personnel Accounting send forth.

About Parabon® NanoLabs, Inc.:
Parabon® NanoLabs is a vertically integrated DNA technology gathering that develops next-generation forensic and curative products, which leverage the enormous host of DNA.  Staffed by a uniquely competent team of scientists and technologists, with expertise ranging from bioinformatics and chemistry to computer information and pharmacology, Parabon is bringing to emporium revolutionary new products and services made likely by recent advances in DNA sequencing, parsing and manufacturing technologies.

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