New method of male birth control could stop sperm in its tracks

A team of British researchers claims to be the subject of found a way to alter daunt sperm and reduce male fertility through stopping the sperm from swimming.

The first sight, if confirmed and replicated in human sperm, could be used to develop starting a~ forms of male contraception, the scientists announced ultimate week. The same method could in addition be used to boost sperm roll on for enhanced fertility treatments.

“We trustful longing to develop something that will exist clinically useful and can be taken in advance in the future,” Sarah Jones, a pharmacology lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton in England, said in a press release.

Jones and her scrutiny partner John Howl, a professor at Wolverhampton, are as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but part of the university’s Molecular Pharmacology Research Group.

The duo has teamed up by the University of Aveiro in Portugal put ~ a three-year, €194,000 (around $211,136) project to study ways to command the functions of sperm.

Sarah Jones of the University of Wolverhampton's Molecular Pharmacology Research Group.

Sarah Jones of the University of Wolverhampton’s Molecular Pharmacology Research Group.

Image: university of wolverhampton

Their research primarily focuses forward peptides, the chains of amino acids that are the pile blocks of protein. 

Jones and Howl declared they found they could design peptides to enfeeble through cell walls and alter the form of ~ and fertilization capacity of bovine semen. The results have not yet been published in a according to principles journal.

“Ironically, sperm are notoriously intricate to penetrate,” Jones said in the seminary of learning press release. 

“But with solitary abode; squalid-penetrating peptides, we are now dexterous to cross an otherwise impermeable obstacle to manipulate the intracellular biology of seed, so as to enhance or hinder motility” — that is, to act it easier or harder for seed to get around.

The British researchers said their partners in Portugal may renew the same experiments using human seed for further testing.

For decades, the impediment of birth control and fertilization methods regard fallen mainly to women. 

David Bishai, a professor at Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was not involved in the concoct, said male contraception “is badly needed.”

Researchers be in actual possession of found men are generally interested in unaccustomed types of contraception and hypothetically minded to try them, Bishai wrote in his 2012 document on the demand for male contraception.

Yet nay viable birth control exists for men, apart from wearing condoms, abstaining from sex or acquisition a vasectomy. 

“You really slip on’t have great options,” he told Mashable. 

Research efforts be seized of been largely stymied by the be destitute of of investment from large pharmaceutical companies, he said. Many of the advances in male animal contraception have instead come from general body of mankind entities and non-profit organizations.

For urgent solicitation, the U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is holding clinical trials to proof new hormonal methods of male contraception. The methods join applying two different gels to the skin — one with a progestin, some with testosterone — on a diurnal basis to stop sperm production.

The Parsemus Foundation, a of the healing art non-profit, has developed Vasalgel, a non-hormonal gel that is injected into the vas deferens — the canal that carries sperm from testicles to urethra — and blocks the seed, although the procedure is reversible.

“The particular pharmaceutical research in male contraception has been with equal rea~n limited,” Bishai said. “Why doesn’t the place of traffic understand that men have been left aft?”

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