My First Two Months of Pharmacy School

After returning from lapse break, I can honestly say the capital half of my first semester like a P1 can be summed up in through the title of this blog, ‘Eat, Sleep, Pharmacology’. That’s in what way it has felt since I began the PharmD program in August. Wake up, spree to class, study, eat, sleep and recite.  And many of our professors, speakers, and conditioned pharmacy students desire continuously told us that it alone goes up from here! The primary couple of months have consisted of acquirements what works for me when it comes to studying, and which does not. We were told for the time of orientation, time management is key and your studying habits and good luck in this program is all concerning finding what works best for you. The greatest number critical concept that I have lettered thus far is to utilize everything of the resources that Campbell makes beneficial to you! Request private tutoring, extend to group tutoring sessions, visit the professors, and be in possession of involved so that you have opportunities to take breaks and accept fun. The key to making it from one side the semester I think is BALANCE, and that is the sort of as a P1 I have been hard to obtain within the first marry of months of pharmacy school. While studying is why I am here, I have deep-read that it is important to bring forth a life outside of school to give yourself time to relax and opportunity to sell. The best part so far is heart part of a class of students who struggle simultaneously but also uplift each other consistently. We all are in the same boat by the same end goal in mind—to have existence a great practitioner. Due to the continued encouragement and useful resources at Campbell the “gnaw into, sleep, study, repeat” process is not since bad as it sounds. I’m excited to regard my time here fly by and get many more experiences with my renovated classmates and at Campbell!IMG_3001.JPG

-Kenicia Walker (P1)

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