Dumb and Dumber

Lately, I acquire been thinking about the education body, and how drastically it has gone downhill. I be in possession of been looking at the effect it has up~ the body our population in general. Some tribe are deluded into thinking that we be obliged come a long way, and we are besides advanced these days, but the measureless majority of us have had very little useful teaching.

Just think the sort of our grandparents and great-grandparents knew, and could confer, compared to our modern skillset:

Neighbours used to have together and help each other model houses and barns. And those houses and barns were multi-untruth, solid and stood along time. They knew in what way to build.
Many great buildings, walls and roads built in not modern. times stand today. (How long does a paved thoroughfare remain in good condition?)
People knew the kind of they could spin into thread, and in what manner to go about it. They knew by what mode to weave that thread into ~ thread, then sew that material to acquire clothes for themselves and their tribe.
People knew how to fix things; they understood the basics of materials automatic devices. This allowed them to repair farm tools and mechanism and think up designs for renovated tools and machinery.
People knew to which place to get oils to burn in lamps. They knew for what reason to waterproof materials using oils, free from chemicals.
People understood soil and the increasing season. They knew how far apart to scatter seed seeds, and when, and how a great quantity water they needed. They knew in what manner and when to harvest. They knew which wild-growing mushrooms and berries were good to eat.
People knew the adversity sky, and could navigate without using a GPS.

Knowledge has arrive and gone throughout human history. We look to be heading into another “cheerless age” where people are ignorant outside of being aware of the fact. Most of us are button pushers, through no idea how to recreate the mechanism, appliances and electronics that we use. Unplug the hydro and we are shameless. Close the stores and we are dissolute. We are not resourceful; we are attendant circumstance.

Even specialists in various fields have power to disappear. Canada used to have a ship-construction industry, just to name one character of manufacturing that has disappeared.

I credit our education system has failed us by adopting the attitude that we should excepting that learn what is useful today. The conceitedness that we will always be protected ~ the agency of an unchanging government system, and ~y eternal electric grid, is risky.
We should wholly understand the basics of building, expanding, inventing.
Before kids are old enough to “opt out” of classes, their cultivation system should have included chemistry, biology, pharmacology — in the way that they can make wise choices touching their health. This should include leading aid and even wound care, in condition they are nowhere near a hospital, or hospitals discovery themselves without power in an pressing necessity.
They should definitely learn about tarnish, water, growing food, and animal frugality.
They should learn survival techniques in situation they are ever lost or forced to evacuate an area.
They should learn in what condition to make and use tools, and build a sturdy, reliable structure.
Most momentous they should be taught logic, with equal rea~n that they can not be easily fooled, manipulated, used, or lied to.

Children are gifted of learning all this, they truly are. They absorb information more easily, hold onto it more firmly, especially whereas they are motivated. A bored child who cannot see the point of lore a subject is a child who has besides trouble paying attention. Any child would notion the relevance and intrinsic need to understand the subjects I have mentioned.

Two of the edifice links routines that you will have existence undertaking.

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