[Culture] A look back in time: The Place Riel Theatre and all its glory

It’s a slender known fact that the University of Saskatchewan used to accept one of the most popular movie theatres in total of Saskatoon — that’s straight, back in the 1970s till the slow 1990s, students could catch the latest flicks in accordance with duty here on campus.

Opening in 1975, the Place Riel Theatre was located in the Arts Building, in which place the Neatby-Timblin Theatre is today, and held every impressive 370 people. The theatre was built in replication to a survey conducted by students in the seasonably 1970s, which showed one of the highest priorities was to get a movie theatre on campus. Chris Jones, who later became the artistic director of the Broadway Theatre, was the founding manager of the theatre.

The theatre was plain with students as it had grovelling prices and good selections. From Casablanca to The Exorcist, it played as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but the new and old with everything froma-8371 exempt from arbitrary control films, classics to second-runs. Movies were screened each Wednesday through Saturday with regular midnight screenings considered in the state of well.

In 1976, admission to the Place Riel Theatre was $1.50, a crazy comparison to the now $12.50 ecumenical or $21.50 VIP admission fief at the Scotiabank Theatre.

In 1992, the arena upgraded the sound system and became known in the manner that one of the best cinemas in Saskatoon, and it catered to greater degree of people than just students — none wonder the theatre was so comprehensible. However, by the mid 1990s, prices had increased to $4 by ticket.

Unfortunately, the Place Riel Theatre closed in April of 1998 chiefly due to the competitive prices of the commencing Centre and Rainbow Cinemas.

It isn’t severely to imagine how fun it would exist to have a movie theatre steady campus. After a long day of classes, studying, paper writing and working, you could leave the library and just walk a tie of minutes, meet up with friends and have the advantage a nice evening at the movies.

Although in that place are no current plans for the Place Riel Theatre to re-enter upon, U of S students are fervid on the idea. Abby Holtslander, a third-year psychology student, thought the field would help campus culture.

“A movie field on campus would be an striking addition to our university. I conceive it could liven up campus civilization and bring people together. I be possible to see it being a huge result,” Holtslander said.

A fourth-year anatomy and cell biology student, Evan Atwood*, made resembling points to Holtslander talking about campus improvement.

“Yes, we need more activities that stir up campus culture and create traditions at the U of S. In ordain to create a strong campus refinement, students need to be engaged starting from epoch one,” Atwood said.

Atwood moreover mentioned the importance of creating some inclusive campus, where events can provide food to all students.

“Unfortunately, great number first years are underage and thence unable to participate in beer gardens, procure a ~ parties or other 19+ events. The U of S should strive to occasion a culture and tradition that is accessible to everyone,” Atwood related.

The re-opening of Place Riel Theatre, wherever that could be located on campus, would exist a great opportunity for the literary institution to build and help strengthen campus community and bring students together.

It besides provides students with a fun and entertaining manner to relax amidst all the importance that comes with the life of conscious a student, by being convenient, accessible and potentially not so much expensive than its competition.

“Nowadays it’s so expensive to go to Scotiabank Theatre, not to mention buying snacks on top of that. Students who live ~ward campus or close by could be favored with a convenient way to spend their be lenient time,” fourth-year psychology learner Kira Toews said.

A theatre without interrupti~ campus wouldn’t just be adapted to those who live on, or be brought together by to it, but also in favor of any student, considering most students squander time studying up on campus at the library or by classmates. With this theatre, you could therefore study well into the evening and soon afterward catch a late flick before title home.

Even current U of S students who weren’t apprised there was ever a theatre in c~tinuance campus were intrigued by the archetype — including second-year physiology and pharmacology observer George-Paul O’Byrne.

“I had ~t any idea there was a movie playhouse in Place Riel to be honest, moreover now I want one. There’s not at all shortage of spaces here, but it’d have existence cool to have a theatre place up specifically, ya know?” O’Byrne uttered.

The theatre could be promoted in ~ persons different ways — including coupons, events and specific screenings or theme nights. To allure students from all the different colleges and departments, the field could show a wide range of movies top various topics.

Maybe students could equitable suggest films to show and through enough support, they could be brought into the scene for screening — the options are immeasurable when you begin something anew.

Whether the stage ever re-opens or not, I entertain an idea of it’s fair to say it would have existence a popular spot.

As Toews related, “Who doesn’t love going to the movies?!”

*Name has been changed to harbor privacy.

Photos: University of Saskatchewan, University Archives & Special Collections, Photograph Collection, A-8371

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