alcohol + energy-drinks = cocaine-lite..

For teenagers mixing manliness drinks with alcohol is like captivating cocaine according to a new study.


United States scientist Richard Van Rijn – ~y assistant professor in medicinal chemistry and corpuscular pharmacology at Purdue University, says the harmful cocktail appears to trigger changes in the etc. brain similar to taking the unlawful drug and that the effects after all the rest into adulthood.

Energy drinks often marketed to teens have power to contain between 6mg and 240mg of caffeine by means of serve.

For many this is ready 10 times the caffeine in soda – a common beverage mixed with alcohol.

But little is known over the health effects of the drinks whenever consumed with alcohol.

A new study published in magazine PLOS ONE found adolescent mice given caffeinated alcohol became increasingly more active – abundant like mice given cocaine.

Neurochemical changes in the brain were conspicuous.


Source: Alcohol-energy drink unite ‘like cocaine’ – National – NZ Herald News

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