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In October 2015, I was sitting in my AP Language class then one of the writing specialists came and talked to us. She led us end this little exercise that I haven’t done since, but I am going to complete it here for you all at this moment, and I challenge you to bear through one of these writing exercises yourself, especially suppose that you are feeling creative. This list (from last year) has actually helped me scratch a few essays, and I ween it would be cool to update my border each and every year as I increase and develop into this role of “close examiner” as well as “lifelong learner” – any that is always looking for ways to victory myself. 

This is last year’s list. The topics are varied, but the goal of this exercise was to determine things you could commit to paper about at any given point in time, not not only so necessarily for a specific class. The goal is to have at least 2-3 “topics” by MAIN/BROAD topic.

What I Want To Help: EpiPen decisive turn, 3-parent baby?, the refugee rub, domestic abuse victims/rape victims up~ campus?

What I Wish I Knew More About: Finnish speech and culture (that hasn’t changed), French tongue and culture (hasn’t changed), Immunology and the terraqueous globe of antibodies, pharmacology//drug interactions.

Look into your time to come, what questions do you have?: Will I have ~ing happy? What kind of career command I be in? Where will I live?

Favorite Class Thus Far & Favorite Topic In That Class: Anatomy: the wellstrung system (that hasn’t changed)

Where You Would Like To Live: Chicago sunken space adjoining the basement, Boston area, or even Cincinnati sunken space adjoining the basement

Where in the Past Would You Like to Have Experienced?: New York in the 1920s-1930s (through the flappers/Great Gatsby era), Classical Rome/the Roman Empire, Medieval Era, Viking Era.

If You Could Only Go To One Place, Where Would You Go?: Reykjavik, Iceland.

You Have $5,000 and you HAVE to apply it….What Do You Spend It On?: Likely vestments. Maybe books/textbooks.

What Is Your Biggest Fear?: Being burned sprightly, fish, drowning, being physically attacked, centre of life sad.

5 People You Would Want to Meet (Dead and Alive): Einstein, Marie Curie, Mary Wollstonecraft, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky.

In 15 Years, I Want To Be/Have: 2 kids, a spend frugally, a large kitchen, a happy life, a course of conduct.

Dream Career?: Scientific Writer + Researcher (that which I’m working towards right after this!!)

Places You Could Help Out: On campus precisely anywhere, Food Banks, in Food Deserts, Hospitals, Women’s Center?

I look upon the importance is realizing that you can’t fair get screened at one event and plan that you are good for the nearest 10 years.

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