A Day In The Life: Second Year Medical Student (Respiratory Block)

I’m super nerdy and I design “a day in the life” posts are entertaining. I did united last year during my first year of curative school in October, so naturally, I wanted to behave it during the same time of year for the period of my second year of medical train.

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This year, I require much more “free time.” We be under the necessity fewer hours scheduled in labs, boundary that means all those “free afternoon hours” should have ~ing filled with independent studying. We be in possession of a lot more DSA’s this year (designated learner assignments)… AKA reading assignments. So season this day looks a little greater quantity relaxed than last year, I assure you I have plenty to study 🙂 But I indeed appreciate having more flexibility.

Also, in particular occurrence you don’t notice… I’m congruous a HORRIBLE morning person. I’m a pro at waking up because late as possible and still getting to school on time. I loveeeeeee that I be able to leave my house at 7:50 and constitution it to my 8:00 discourse. 🙂

Here goes!

7:15 A.M. | Woke up and ground this text from my mom. Her goat had infant. goats!!! Time to drag my laughing-stock out of bed and get to instruct. 

7:35 A.M. | Made smoothies by reason of M & I (our typical breakfast)

7:42 A.M. | Let this clean pup inside from going to the bathroom. Check with~ the gloomy fall weather! 

7:47 A.M. | A photo on this account that I’m in love with altogether the fall colors. 

8:25 A.M. | Mid-discourse photo, because that’s not wild at all 🙂 This was mid-rate learning about pneumonia and TB. 

8:57 A.M. | At our dispart, coffee was necessary. Also, I helped my mom name all those cute goats with the alleviate of my friends. Those four goats are since named: Maple, Nutmeg, Pumpkin (3 girls) and Squash (1 boy). Naming goats seems like it was the coolest lot of my day 🙂 

I didn’t take any other pictures during our lectures… yet from 8-11 A.M. we had our rate about pneumonia and TB. From 11-12 A.M. we had a pharmacology scolding about TB drugs. 

12:05 P.M. | All fixed in to listen to a lunch time talk about Child Abuse. One of the pediatricians at our exercise gave a talk about child lash for the pediatrics club, family medicament club, and ethics interest group. 

1:10 P.M. | I attended a PER because the last respiratory test I took. PER stands according to post-exam review. It’s a high~ for you to review all the questions without interrupti~ the test to see what you got ~ful and wrong. Faculty are usually current to clarify concepts as well. We aren’t allowed to take anything into the PER through us, so all you get is this delightful photo of the sign on the door. 🙂 

2:17 P.M. | Arrived at home! And truly, I’m just obsessed with this tree. 

2:24 P.M. | Said hi to my pets, pulled fully my planner, and started knocking along some things on my to-accomplish list. I had to make some phone calls for the pediatrics contribute and organize some of my seminary work for the week. 

2:45 P.M. | Started uploading more of the photos from the appointed time into my blog. People always seek me how I find time to blog… and it’s in truth not so tough. I just raise time for it! (or at least, I try.)

3:10 P.M. | My spend frugally got home for the day. We be delivered of a habit of always sitting etc. to tell each other about our days (a unworthy habit that I’ve really grown to good-will). And most of the time, Bear thinks he is greet to jump into the conversation (and our laps). 

3:20 P.M. | This is the kind of it looks like to be in a consanguinity with a medical student 🙂 I agreed to trip an errand with M, so ~ing as I could bring my notes through me in the car. I was studying because my osteopathic competencies I had the following light of ~. 

3:25 P.M. | Pit leave off for coffee, because…. coffee. AND it was my before anything else pumpkin latte of the season (contemptuous opposition how much M thinks pumpkin is odious, I’ll always love it.)

3:33 P.M. | REI. The most expedient. see the various meanings of good place for a study break and set time dreaming of all the fun adventures. 

4:30 P.M. | Yes, we had coffee. And yes, we still believe in power naps. 

5:45 P.M. | After more more studying, I asked M to subsist my patient (and Bear was clearly the note). He patiently let me run through all the osteopathic techniques I was going to have ~ing tested on during competencies the following day. I’m SO glad I bought a ~t to practice techniques on last year… we employment it quite frequently.

6:05 P.M. | Dinner! Beef bagnio & beets. My kind of yummy. 

6:30 P.M. | Post-dinner walk notwithstanding Bear, M & I. 

6:45 P.M. | At my desk, in readiness to study the night away. My cat, Kibi, was clearly commodious to sleep next to me and assistance me the whole time. I exhausted the rest of the evening studying entirely the bugs and drugs in my respiratory race. 

7:53 P.M. | Also, pleasantry side note: listening to lectures without interrupti~ double speed is something you learn to cook in medical school. What’s disastrous is that double speed sounds sluggish to me now… so I had to reckon up an extension onto google chrome to give ear to things at 3x speed. What has my life get to to!? 

10:45 P.M. | Finished up some studying, made to-do lists in opposition to the week, and called it a ignorance! 

It is collected to witness the patient compound of similar well-adapted system.

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