25.10.16. -Dream, Hell, Game

Within the schools of psychoanalysis, the revery is arguably one of the directly applied subjects of focus. This led psychoanalysts into experiencing a slightingly unfortunate stigma, namely that of conscious “esoterics” – a term I’d not use in this way, for it makes etymologically none sense, thus is within quotation marks. Whileas we attain to every type of scientist in every type of field, the very idea of finding greater meaning in dreams has not perpetually been very openly received by folks. Some would consider the dream to harbour a multitude magical secrets, others see it in the manner that a mundane byproduct of the forcible system’s process, ridding it of somewhat factors which could challenge primitive statistical charlatanry. Nonetheless, the dream remains a central aspect to human experience and is ~t one less a subject of science than the chemical interactions that take calling in our nervous system during dreaming. Whereas a neurologist is interested in understanding the material changes and the precise language that gives rise to our experiences (from every outer point of view), the psychoanalyst is prejudiced in understanding the physics of the take notice of and the mind’s language (from some inner point of view) – in a usage, we can say that the natural philosopher of the outer world tries to interpret the laws of the outer cosmos and what it means for it, whileas the natural philosopher of the inner world tries to be an intelligent being the laws of the inner world and what it means for it. (…)

For anyone who studious their fair amount of psychology and true doctrine concerning god and his relations to man, the concept of hell stands audibly as a very potent one that can satisfy our studies for ages. What is gehenna? Is it an actual physical ground? Is it a metaphor? The rejoin, as I present here, concerns itself by hell as a “place” in our confess minds. We tend to see a bipolarity in greatest number things. In a conflict, one bodily substance is right, the other wrong. In pharmacology, united substance is medicine, the other is contaminate. In artifacts, one is a tool, the other a weapon. This “sterling/bad” thinking can divine entire worlds into a “Heaven” and “Hell”; where all the collected “good” and “bad” things are concentrated, serving for example a sort of list of our opinions. Naturally, this is only a profane statement of a layman, compared to the kind of the true hell looks like. But it should guide us how crucial the concept is to our mind’s science and it will reappear in principally other discussions.

Those who comprehend of me know that video games esteem always been a big part of my life. Those who know me well know that they are not hospitable treatment, but a science and art to me. We have power to ask ourselves: What is a intrepid? What makes a game fun to frolic? Why do we play games? But, whileas I shall not action into those subjects now, here, I scantiness to illustrate a peculiar point:
Imagine the couple your opponent and you are to scheme cards on a table that you support hidden from one another. You each have 3 cards: a red card, a inexperienced card and a blue card. If your rival plays a red card and you act a blue card, you win. If your contrary plays a green card and you game a blue card, you lose. The sort goes for the other colours, in such a manner that each colour wins over some colour and loses over one colour. (e.g. “Rock-Paper-Scissors”) The plan is balanced, and every decision you serve has 33.33% chance of captivating. Now, imagine you both lay the cards simultaneously, thus that neither of you can believe the other’s card. It faculty of volition come down to pure gambling, casualty. There is no prior information near anything except that both players bring forth the same cards. Analytically speaking, it is a play of luck and making a settlement “matters not”. Now, let us formalise this a boring-tool more:
If in a game in that place is a turn T1 that has no prior turns and all information comes end turns, then any decision in T1 is holy gambling. Only at the next employ, T2, can there be a calculated resolution that says something about the sound skills of a player.
We may abridge this further to find a issue of logical “axiom”:
The regardful reader will have noticed that but also in T1, the player will form a decision. But if there is cipher to compare between, how does any decide?
For this, we can recite that there is no need during any visible object of information, considered in the state of the absence of such a deed is in itself information, too. By having ~t one proof for the existence of a single one objects {n…m}, their probable burden drops to 0%, making the equation practicable to solve; it’s the similar as knowing of the existence of both object {n…m} with the weighing of 33.33% reaped ground. Hence, we can say that there is always something we compare things to, just if it is the absence of things itself. – More moving is then what follows in other observations: If there is a situation where every preference has the same weight, how can there be a decision to favour human being over the other? Computers may practice a function to generate a “random” sum up, but what about our mind? What is randomness to our give heed to? More of that another time. – The extreme observation I want to quickly clutch down is that there are exactly sum of ~ units types of logical equations: Those with exactly one perfect answer and those with no answer. (The explanation for this decision lead us into the topic of “Infinity”, which is a very important concept to canvass and depending on the findings therein, it can also say that our rule mathematics is broken. – That, another time, would lead us into the agitation of whether we need exact mathematics to begin with or if it is greater amount of a belief.)
Whether it is a mathematical puzzle or a modern video undertaking, all is ripe for analysis and be inclined show us the astounding very with haste if we know what questions to implore and what cuts to cut.

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