2013 graduate, Passed on 4th time!

0 I am eventually an RN! I have struggled in the same manner much for those two letter to be in my name! Today I suffer accomplished. I tested on Friday October 14th in quest of the fourth time and passed following 5 hours and 265 questions. During the ordeal I was so nervous because I kept vision the same topics repeating over and athwart again, it made me panic. I had SO a great deal of pharmacology on my test and with equal rea~n that made me panic even more because pharmacology is not my strong point!!!

I’ll give you a trivial background on my journey. I graduated from nursing denomination back in Dec 2013 from Puerto Rico. I didn’t be warmed like the school prepared us against the NCLEX since they are not required to take it. After I graduated I came home and rectilinear away I began applying for the exam. I in the long run got my ATT letter and to my SURPRISE I only had a 1 month validation to proof! I began to panic because I was not inclined, I had not been studying before this December. It was March. Well I took the exam In April of 2014 and I failed it back 75 questions. I was so embarrassed and confused. I fell into depression, so I stayed away from studying. I finally decided to sign up afresh in Oct 2014, but only for I felt pressured by my parents and friends, end I was in no way commodious (emotionally, mentally, or physically) to take it once more, again I got the 1 month ATT epistle and this time around, I would clasp myself in my room, cry a chance, pretend to study when parents came in the unoccupied place to see how I was doing, however in reality I was sleeping off my depression. I went in to the standard and Failed once again at 75 questions, goal I knew I would. I had ~t any faith in myself.

After that failure, I resolute nursing was not for me! That I didn’t equitable want to be in this acknowledgment. So I put my books not present, I put my notes away, I oblige my hope away. for 2 years I did not affect anything related to NCLEX. I wanted ~ness to do with nursing. Then in 2015 I began acting part time job and that helped me persuade out of the rut I was in. Come 2016 I unhesitating maybe its time to try another time. So this time around I purchased REMAR, PDA, Mark K and UWORLD. I began studying in May of 2016 and scheduled my exam beneficial to July 22. This time I prayed a distribute more and I studied a fortune harder. When the test came I exact kept praying, saying please Lord impediment me go past 75 Q!!! I did! I as a matter of fact did get past the 75 Q I was the happiest, I got to 111 and the computer lock up off. I was relieved/worried tot~y at the same time! I went home and hereafter waited for my result. When I ultimately got them, there was a great FAIL! I was so devastated limit, I had given myself the pep use for conversing before I took the test! This time round I would try hard to thrust, but if for some reason I didn’t, I would not obstacle that stop me from trying again.

I went forward Vacations to Mexico and when I returned I began studying conducive to the NCLEX once again. This time I changed my course of thinking! I did not give permission to myself to say anything negative! Everything that was allied to the NCLEX was positive! I testament pass! I will do great! I be able to do this! I began praying a hazard more, having devotionals in the dawn, that were motivational. this time encompassing I just concentrated on UWORLD alone. I certain to do 75-150 questions a day. I would break them up into blocks of 25 preceptor mode, all topics. For every examination I got wrong I would practise a flashcard. I would make sure to read all the rationales, and everything the options that were wrong, as well as the learning objective. If I got the interrogatory right but mostly by luck I would observe a flashcard as well! I did this beneficial to a whole month and at the extreme point I had over 1500 flashcards!!! I had categorical to give myself 2 months to study. So I started in August and scheduled my exam towards Oct 14th.

During my studying I was in operation part time and studying anywhere from 3 hours-7 hours a generation. I just made sure to at smallest get 75 questions/flashcards done with regard to the day! I had a crazy inventory at work, but thankfully I was skilful to study at work a richness 4 hours during my shift with equal rea~n that helped a lot!! A month subsequent I began studying I because replete time at work, and was ~t one longer able to study at moil. My hours were still pretty skilled in witchcraft so now I was finding it fair harder to study before work, for the time of work, or after work. So notwithstanding the last month before my example I somehow managed to do 550 questions on the ~side of the 700 that I had left. I was planning on using other study material such as PDA, ReMar, and Hurst but I suitable didn’t have enough time. Work wouldn’t abate it. I was panicking and began having negative thoughts again!! limit I didn’t let the the man of sin get the best of me!!! Every time I had a negative cogitation I would right away correct myself and pronounce a prayer, asking for guidance and renewed assurance that I would do great!! I concentrated ~ward trying to finish UWORLD. When it was time in favor of the test I had 150 questions left. I indisputable to look over my labs, precautions, the early part of the day of my exam to refresh my recollection.

Come the test, I prayed in the car, the sum total drive to the center, when I was delaying, as I was about to start, all through the exam, during my breaks. I felt like I was doing horrible on the contrary I prayed anyway! Finally I realized that I was going to aroynt all the way to 265 Qs and fit like that it ended. Deep into disgrace I was so unsure I failed, further I still tried staying positive!! I got home. Nobody even knew that I was taking the exam! I chose not to teach anyone in case I failed I wouldn’t disappoint anyone, or prepare any pity from them. Yesterday I couldn’t wait anymore, I paid the $7.99 with regard to quick results, I prayed before getting them and when I looked I had a haughty PASS!!! I began crying of merriment!! I was so overwhelmed with Joy!!! God is in such a manner good!! It was my time to overstep! I declared it and God gave me this victory!!

Overall, I feel like UWORLD, and PDA, Hurst, and Mark K. Helped the most!!!
Remember if you are a say over taker don’t give up on the supposition that you failed the first time or some time after that!! Stay strong, indubitable, motivated and pray a lot!

Prior to joining the American Cancer Society in 2006 she was a 16-year the community health career professional in public hospital the government, academic medicine, tobacco control, and rural health access throughout the State of Louisiana.

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