Pharmacy or other degree?

I own just confirmed my A Level Choices and I am unsure while to which Uni course would subsist right for me! I have chosen Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Economics+Business and have also received my GCSE results.

A* English Lang, A* RS, A Chemistry, A Biology, A Physics, A Textiles, B Drama, B Maths, B History, B German, B English Lit

(My History, Textiles and Drama are greatest in number likely being remarked by school owed to unlikely results!)
I’ve perpetually wanted to do Pharmacy after doing my moil experience there in year 10 and thoroughly enjoying it. However, I’ve understand so many bad things about the beat such as it not being virtue it for the pay and wearying work you have to put in and in what manner its hard to succeed in it!

I was appropriate wondering what other degrees there are that are uniform to Pharmacy, maybe like Pharmacology or Biomedical Sciences, yet I haven’t been able to carry on much research due to the free from narrowness variety!

I know I only got A’s in my sciences for example well (and a B in maths!) and was worried that this would subdue me, though this is due to the circumstance during my science controlled assessments I was same ill and so got C’s in them (and got A*A*A in my exams) and wasn’t given the particular consideration I was told I would make acquisition hence not getting the A*s..

thank you, hope you can help!

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