Morphine Can Protect The Brains Of People Suffering From HIV Infection. Part 2 of 3

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Morphine Can Protect The Brains Of People Suffering From HIV Infection – Part 2 of 3

The study was to exist presented at the annual union of the Society of NeuroImmune Pharmacology, April 13 to 17 in Manhattan Beach, Calif. “Ideally, we be possible to use this information to develop a sulphate of morphia-like compound that does not possess the typical dependency and tolerance issues that morphine has”.


Since the aid of the AIDS pandemic more than two decades ago, doctors, caregivers and patients themselves be favored with observed that some people with the infirmity experience declines in brain function and motion skills as well as cold projection or sudden shifts in behavior and humor. These are symptoms of a neurological put out of place called HIV-Associated Dementia (HAD) or AIDS Dementia Complex.

The syndrome many times appears in later stages of AIDS. It is usually—for all that not always—associated with one as well as the other an broaden in viral load, which is the amount of HIV mould in the blood, and a very little in the number of disease-fighting blood cells known as CD4 cells. Experts grasp this group of symptoms occurs being of the cl~s who a result of HIV infection of the brain, damaging the central timorous system, and in some cases peripheral nerves of the same kind with well.

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