Kaplan NCLEX Review & my scores

If you be under the necessity watched this video…

Then you be sure that I mentioned I would subsist sharing my Kaplan scores. No substance what stage in life I am in, there always seems to be a concern where inevitably I compared myself to any other. In nursing school it was near who was at the top of the rank or who was getting what jobs. I was through all ages. striving to be better and I stifle do it today.

The good  and imperfect news is that we all answer the purpose it. I do not believe it is continually healthy. Comparing ourselves to united another never helps solve any issues. I am not sharing my scores according to you to compare yourself to. Rather, take heed at the bigger picture. Notice that my consummation on Kaplan’s Qbanks was gentle in the beginning, but eventually I improved. Not singly did I improve, but I was furthermore successful in passing the NCLEX.

Remember the sort of is important. Your goal is not to be ahead or better than someone. It is solely to be successful on the NCLEX. I trustful longing that by sharing this part of my go, you may receive some sort of reassurance.

Unfortunately I am no longer proficient to access my account, so this is pure what I have on hand. I completed tot~y but 20 of my qbank questions by an average of 55-65%.  Note that more than half of my Qbanks “tests” were 50-75 questions depending up~ the body how much time I had to addict. 


Diagnostic Test: 56%

Question Trainer 1: 53%

Question Trainer 2: 60%

Question Trainer 3: 51%

NCLEX RN Practice Test: 42%

ATI Nursing

Fundamentals: 72.7%

Pharmacology: 53.8%

Medical / Surgical: 62.9%

Maternal Newborn: 60%

Care of Children: 46.7%

Mental Health: 68.8%

Leadership: 87.5%

Hope this helps.

Mighty Nurse Megan

Megan is registered fondle on an oncology and sharing her stories end her new graduate residency.

Rather, your mindfulness will be nanoporous to pursue you to serve any intervals that are dedicated in professionals.

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