Best Route to BSN

0 Hi I am in LA ravine area and have heard of with equal rea~n many different routes to take because of nursing, however I do not apprehend which one to choose!
Right at once, I am finishing up prereqs at Moorpark CC. This semester with anatomy and physio and next semester micro, goal I will probably also take pharmacology and a different class so I can be abounding time student. (I am not acting right now and want to prepare the most out of my monetary aid).

So I looked into National University during the term of their generic entry to BSN being of the cl~s who an “accelerated program“, I would have ~ing able to attempt to get into the April 2018 battalions, with dead line Oct 2017. During the wait time, I was mind of becoming a CNA to master more experience. Probably would end up expenditure 55k? I remember at the forum the counselor told me it was 45k conducive to the program, then there were other expenses too, so adding about 10k to exist on the safe side. I’ve looked into West Coast and not senseless of their 98K tuition even ~wards prereqs.

I have a family intimate who suggested becoming an LVN cause manager who could help me persuade a job if I decided to carry on so. I don’t know overmuch much about this yet, I asylum’t gotten the chance to confabulation to them in detail yet. But from in that place I can find an LVN to BSN program that would not cost as much similar to ABSN, but take more time. With this, I would dispose of time working as an LVN, nevertheless I heard it is really rigid to also do the BSN program at the identical time. I am still unfamiliar by the time and cost it takes to change to an LVN.

And another choice is to conclude RN at a community college, that time BSN at maybe CSUN or not the same university. With this I would to all appearance apply to all of community colleges in my superficies. However, I heard the wait time is lengthy, but it is also probably one of the cheaper routes.. I design.

I do come from a menial income family and get max fiscal aid. I have a GPA 3.5, kinda messed up my rudimentary year of college by taking also many classes and I have been steady track with the prereqs now, for a like rea~n most likely gonna get A’s in them, I absolutely enjoy my classes.

So basically I deficiency to get a BSN as gladly as possible. I don’t prepare on stopping at BSN, but that is my goal becoming now. I want to know that option would be the best lore experience, so I can get a welfare foundation relative to time and cash.
Thank you!

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