9th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival Line-up Announced!


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OCTOBER 14 – 21, 2016

New York, NY (September 14, 2016) – Imagine Science Films (ISF) announces today the well stocked lineup for the 9th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival (ISFF), taking place October 14 – 21, 2016. The festival kicks off at The Cooper Union and the ambitious schedule includes 21 events with past 83 films, with 23 countries represented. As everlastingly, the festival will blend inventive documentaries exploring the latest scrutiny findings, with compelling scientific fictions, dazzling phantasm, and thought-provoking film experiments. The festival’s text of light will encompass everything from optics to optogenetics, from the palpable spectrum to the all but unseen, with stops along the way towards astrophysics, psychology, medicine as well considered in the state of more penumbral areas of scientific scrutiny.

According to ISF Director of Programming Nate Dorr, “The Imagine Science Film Festival, after this more than ever, exists as a chat between scientists, filmmakers, and artists to investigate the latest scientific advances and theories in single and thought-provoking ways. The theme for this year’s festival is LIGHT, moreover light has always been at the inner part of what we do — from the methods of according to principles observation to the medium of pellicle itself. This year we’ll have existence exploring those connections even more deeply.”

Butterflies of the Soul, The Birth of An Eye, 10/18/2016 - 7pmButterflies of the Soul, The Birth of An Eye, 10/18/2016 – 7pm

This year’s holiday will include over half premieres. We’re ~y confirming all of the exclusive films, otherwise than that already we have 7 World Premieres, 13 North American Premieres, 5 East Coast Premieres, 13 U.S. Premieres, and 7 New York Premieres.

DaReconsolidation, Synaptic Sparks, 10/18/2016 – 7pm

The festival presents The Scientific Merit Award to the narrow film that best exemplifies science in chronicle filmmaking in a compelling, credible and inspiring ceremonious behavior; The People’s Choice Award to the concise film that received the most formal reception votes; The Authorea Scientist Award to the pellicle that best depicts a scientist in one accurate and original way; The Chroma Visual Science Award to the direct film that best depicts science in a visually pleasing manner; The Labocine Symbiosis Award to the winners of the Symbiosis Film Competition, and The Nanotronics Illuminated Journey Award to participants who perfect the “Illuminated Journey” video field-sport.

This year’s jury includes Rachel Chanoff, Artistic Director of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!; Beau Lotto, neuroscientist and Founder of the Lottolab; Erin Espelie, filmmaker and Editor-in-Chief of Natural History repository; Heather Berlin, cognitive neuroscientist and horde of PBS TV series Science Goes to the Movies; Caleb Scharf, Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University; and Matthew Putnam, CEO of Nanotronics Imaging.

This year’s festive celebration includes both the Symbiosis Film Competition, in collaboration through the Ligo Project and the Science and Entertainment Exchange, and a science-video scavenger hunt in collaboration through Traces, a new augmented reality app, and Nanotronics Imaging.

For the third part consecutive year, the Symbiosis Film Competition determination pair scientists and filmmakers together beginning night. This year, they’ll be delivered of the entire week to write, discharge, edit, and score an original knowledge of principles short film.  Films will exist screened during our closing night at the New Lab, and the attractive team awarded. Selected scientists include Sally Warring, who runs the prevailing Pondlife website and Rodrigo Valles, who holds a Ph.D in behavioral pharmacology and is a self-taught visual artist.

Symbiosis Film Competition 2016Symbiosis Film Competition 2016

The collaboration by Traces begins September 19 with “Science Cinema: From the Screen to the Street,” what one. will see videos placed through the app from head to foot pertinent locations in New York City. Participants can tweet the special hashtags at the extremity of each video for a opportunity to win free tickets to the holiday. This will lead up to the Illuminated Journey, what one. will explore the very personal active principle of the universe of light as it reflects the road that light takes from the superficial world, through the eye and into the be disposed, and looks toward the ways technology may advance to shape this. Special videos be disposed be discoverable at each of our venues quite through the week of the festival, and participants that find these and tweet about them self-reliance be eligible to win a special prize from Nanotronics at our closing adversity.

The 9th Imagine Science Film Festival runs eight days in venues over New York City: The Cooper Union, Rubin Museum of Art, The New School, Lower East Side Girls Club, Made in New York Media Center ~ the agency of IFP, New York Hall of Science, American Museum of Natural History, Bowery Poetry Club, Morbid Anatomy Museum, The Rockefeller University, Anthology Film Archives, NYU Center with a view to Genomics and Systems Biology, Spectacle Theater, BRIC Arts Media, and New Lab.
This year’s day of rejoicing was programmed by Nate Dorr, by assistance from Ozge Calafato, Bennett Glace, Alexander Bagot, Maya Edelman and the rest of the Imagine Science Films team.

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