WEBINAR: Is adaptive design the future of clinical trials?

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In recent years, the evolution of novel compounds has slowed prostrate, due in part to rapidly escalating costs and the increased complexity to get approval from Health Authorities. 

To converse this trend, the Food and Drug Administration released the censorious path initiative in 2004 and the dubious path opportunity list in 2006. There is clearly a poverty for advancing innovative trial designs, and adaptive clinical trials is the same of the solutions. Coupling adaptive designs through other initiatives for improving clinical temptation quality and efficiency shows strong pledge in addressing the challenge of improving R&D exploit. 

Isabelle Naëije, Clinical Trial Head at Novartis, command be leading a free webinar in c~tinuance the benefits and limitations of adaptive design based in c~tinuance her own extensive experience. She order begin with a definition of the sort of adaptive design actually means, before going without interrupti~ to describe the different types, their benefits and the concerns encircling them. 

When? Wednesday 10th August 2016 2pm – 3pm BST

Who? Isabelle Naëije is commonly based in Basel, Switzerland. She is the Clinical Trial Head in charge of a Phase I-II study in the expanse of Renal Cell Carcinoma sponsored ~ dint of. Novartis, in collaboration with Merck. Before excitement this role, she worked for 5 years at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Switzerland while Project Manager in the Clinical Pharmacology portion.

Register for the free webinar in the present state – https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/make a record of/3936767674308295939

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