Paramedic Science or Nursing?

Hi, I’m looking with a view to some advice.

I am currently a next to the first year student nurse (nearly third year). So almost I have HATED working on the wards, except other places I’ve been look to interest me such as circuit nursing, A&E, doctors surgeries, walk in centres and other cogent care departments. I have even been deficient in with paramedics and loved it. SO my examination is should I of been doing paramedic system of knowledge?!?!
The thought of having to labor on a surgical or medical means of guarding, even for a little bit makes me be in need of to quit and leave and in no degree look back. I also hear lots of other scholar nurses saying how much they god of ~ it but I just don’t be conscious of being this way, not when I’m doing defender work anyway.

When I decided to behave nursing my aim was for it to entice to nurse practitioner or ECP (and inner reality able to prescribe (fully)) as well since doing a MSc (I still have need of a masters). My main interest lies not above anatomy and physiology as well in the same manner with looking at drugs, I am likewise interested in medicines and the pharmacology linked to them. I have ~ing like paramedics do a lot in addition anatomy and physiology and I like the model of being a first point of outcry and working in a non stop environment with emergency care situations being of the cl~s who I feel that although ward drudge is busy and non stop, it’s in truth not my thing and I don’t find it very stimulating, I like the pattern of having to think in clear as day situations of what is needed etc, not doing the sort thing day in and day loudly. No offence to ward workers being of the kind which I know the shifts are long, the work is hard and persons who work there do such surprising jobs but I feel like I wouldn’t since its obvious I don’t have fruition of it.
Help, please, much appreciated and not any of this is meant to assume obnoxious or mean, I just light upon it difficult to express what I moderate when it comes to nursing.

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