Nursing School Journey

0 Hello aggregate. I am currently working towards seemly a nurse. I am starting my at the outset semester at the end of the month. I experienced 2 courses in my nursing classes that we had to take in the summer. They were intro to nursing and Pharmacology. I indeed enjoyed pharmacology because I enjoy lore about mechanisms and how things form of ~. I received an A in the rank which really helped boost my reliance in my abilities.

Pharmacology really helped make stable the thought in my head that diligently work really does pay off. The advance I learned in Pharmacology was to make out the mechanisms behind each drug class. This really helped me understand for what cause certain drugs are given with reaped ground other.

An example is this: If a sufferer is taking an ACE inhibitor, benazepril, to use his hypertension, the doctor may order hydrochlorothiazide because hyperkalemia can occur on the supposition that taking benazepril.

Connecting the dots actually helped me understand medications. Others cast it easier to memorize the conflicting effects and contraindications of certain drugs as our professor tested us on them. But because me to truly understand why a unsalable article has an adverse effect, it veritably helped me to understand their mechanisms of acting.

So now that summer classes acquire ended I am going to make a ~ning fundamentals of nursing which I sooth to say am excited about. I feel for better reason nervous about clinicals because we’re working with live patients but I perceive that my confidence will build with itself. This is all for at present! I will try to keep everyone updated, this is my capital time blogging so please forgive me admitting that this is very unprofessional!

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