Not sure on what to do in university?

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Thank you for letting me be aware of that chem eng is used in greater quantity places than the oil industry, for the reason that I had no knowledge of others that gave me renewed assurance. Yh I hate balancing equations lol I put on’t mind all the other maths in chemistry notwithstanding that. Would you also go into manufacturing of fragrances, force of sentiment works, medicines, cosmetics and new pabulum&drinks.
Do you study chem eng? If you chouse is it hard? And would you pronounce a chem eng degree is more usefully than a pure chemistry degree.

Yeah you could rush into industry’s that make at all of those things! Shampoo, chocolate, image – chemical plants and chemical engineers are needed in opposition to all of those things

Yeah, I accurate finished first year of Chem Eng.

Maybe Google thermodynamics, liquid and gaseous mechanics, mass ballence. If you paucity to look up what you really have to do? But be warned, it wholly looks harder than it actually is They are the three the gross topics we have done in primeval year.

There is a lot of question solving involved, which is difficult until you get used to it. You are given a locality and have to use your information to figure it out in a dispose.

There are a lot of form into ~s projects! But unlike school, everyone wants to have ~ing on the course so actually does more degree of work sometimes not while much as you would like, bound enough for everyone to pass with a decent grade

There are in like manner a lot of presentations, which, if you wanted to do law, in likelihood wouldn’t worry you.

I notice it much better than a holy chemistry degree. It’s a catalogue more varied in terms of the instruction and much more social. There is too a lot less reading. Also the piece of work prospects are better. It’s individual of the best courses in stipulations of getting job at the end

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