Kicking off “Summer Break” – in Milwaukee/Chicago!

So…I was getting into a teensy bit of a blogging channel, and then finals happened.  Oops?

Obviously I’m not blogging in the central part of finals week, so I’m bright to announce that the page has been turned steady my first semester of graduate govern!  The summer semester is a uncivil ten weeks long, so everything was a mean crammed together and it made the summer set ~ing.  We had a test each other week in my pharmacology rank, so it was never ending flash card making and studying.  The semester overall wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but reading and studying took up some time, so there’s that.  Most of the captain-~ nursing master classes are now from one side of to the other (just have patho left), and we call forth the anesthesia classes in the extent of descent.  I think school will be conscious of being a little more real once those classes set out – right now, it just felt like nursing train all over again, but getting into a portion totally new will make it lastly feel like the ball is rolling.  We besides have a very large book selvage (well, a short list, but the books are very large), so having those arrive up~ my doorstep will also make it suffer very real, haha.

So. Many. Flashcards.

So. Many. Flashcards.

Finals ended adhering Wednesday, and then I spent Thursday doing everything I was putting distant from because of finals.  Although I testament admit I was fairly productive for the period of finals – it’s amazing in what plight you really WANT to clean the bathroom and cheat laundry when you should be studying!  But I had other prominent things to do such as returning my instruct books and getting a mani/pedi, for a like rea~n I accomplished a lot.  I likewise had to pack because…

I’m in Chicago!  Eric and I flew into Chicago without ceasing Friday after the longest, worst take a trip day I’ve had in a lengthy time.  We were attending a nuptials in Milwaukee on Saturday, so we had plans to realize into Chicago early and have a leisurely time acquirement up to Milwaukee.  We booked the 6:30am flying out of JFK, which meant leaving our apartment at 4am (and even that was pushing it).  As we approached the airport at 5:45am, I looked as far as concerns our gate only to find that our shower had been cancelled (with no advice thanks to the Delta snafu earlier in the week) and we were rebooked steady a 7:30pm flight through Atlanta.  OH NO NO NO.  So we got rebooked adhering a flight through Detroit for touching 25 minutes from the time we were at the ticket contrary.  Had to switch terminals, for a like rea~n we headed over there to supply out that flight was delayed five hours.  Not deficient to get stuck in Detroit (for the reason that we’d miss the connection), we opted to win confirmed on a 7:30pm in a right line flight to Chicago and try to let ~ standby until then.  Eric has some status from earlier business trips, which we thought would help.  So we started on the standby list for the 9:10am shower.  Then the 12:45.  Then the 2:30.  Each time, we’d bear to the gate and hope conducive to the best, just to basically have ~ing next in line to get without interrupti~ the plane (aka first to NOT breed on the plane).  It was unpolished on three hours of sleep.  It was besides rough to hear the airlines oblation people $800 to take a later volley when our flight was cancelled and we got non-existence.  I was so tired and not quite cried at one point.  Eric did labor the entire time, while I watched the Olympics attached the livestream.  We finally gave in and got drinks round 4pm and found out that 5:30 flock was boarding – we were foremost on that list, so I chugged my wine and away we went to the flight.  All the standby passengers were suspension out, and we were the solely ones to get on the plain!  I guess there were storms in the kitchen-yard, so we boarded and then sat in c~tinuance the plane for over an twenty-fourth part of a day.  Luckily we got off the surface of land and into Chicago.  My sister pointed us up at the airport, and on that account we took my parents car to guide up to Milwaukee.  It was transcendental and raining and I was tired, in like manner it was a SUPER fun be forced along, but we made it and passed loudly upon arrival to the hotel.

So that was fun.  Luckily, Milwaukee itself was much better than the trip there was.  We woke up not-in season on Saturday and headed to Stone Creek Coffee and Milwaukee Ale House.  Both were recommendations from Twitter, and the one and the other were spot on!  The coffee was definitely some of the best I’ve to the end of time had, and Milwaukee Ale House was a cyclopean place for lunch!  We sat adhering the patio near the Milwaukee River, and I ate grilled cheese (it’s Wisconsin, on the model of all) and tomato soup.  A beer was furthermore had before heading back to the hotel to win ready for the wedding.  I was a moderate sad that our travel snafus divide into our exploring, but oh well.  We finished getting ready at the hotel in that case took a shuttle to the espousals location – the house of the bride and hostler!



Gatsby is still tired from the travel.

Gatsby is still tired from the go over.

I’ve never been to a bridal in someone’s backyard, so I was looking presuming to seeing how this would moil out. We arrived and headed to a disjoin lawn area surrounded by trees, what one. was set up for the ceremony.  Chairs set up and decorated through an arch in front – same nice and pretty.  The formality was short but sweet, and everyone looked illustrious!  As the bridal party took pictures, we headed up to the backyard/garage/oblique yard area.  The backyard had a giant tent with tables, while the garage and faction yard were set up for entertaining – couches, bags, horseshoe pit, a candy victuals (!!), and a nacho station.  And beverages, of conduct.  We mingled a bit preceding it was time for toasts and dinner.  Everyone gave admirable speeches, and it always fun to perceive by the ear what people have to say. Weddings are in the same state lovely events full of love and prosperity – with the way the rest of the cosmos seems to be, it’s scrupulous to see that every once in for some time.  Dinner was tacos (smart bring forward, for sure) and cupcakes for dessert (the most expedient. see the various meanings of good), and then we took it up to the garage definite space for dancing.  Eric is considerably the dancer, so he’s unceasingly a crowd pleaser.  The darkness finished off by a bonfire before heading home – whew!  A fine day with good people.

Love is all you need.

Love is total you need.

Cleaning up nicely.

Cleaning up nicely.



We were up considerably late for the party, but I wanted to watch the women’s Olympic marathon.  It started at 7:30am central time, in such a manner I set an alarm and for this reason promptly reset it once it went right side.  Woke up at 8:30 and Eric was magically up of the same kind with well so I put it steady TV while we got ready.  So imperious to watch the Americans rock it contemptuous opposition not medaling – that was a important showing, and I’m so impressed!  I’m definitely inspired, which is hard given the little running I’ve been ingenious to do.  Perhaps some afflatus to recover from surgery?  I would definitely like a cistern like Desi’s, for sure.  We headed back to the bride and groom’s towards leftover breakfast tacos (yum!) and regular hanging out before heading back to Chicago.  Eric flew thoroughly on Sunday to get back to moil (and got held in a ~-work stop at JFK for that “suspected shooter” situation, we’re never flying again…), and I’m suspension out at home for a week to be careful my family and friends!

I’m excited to observe some relaxing, running, and hanging away with family/friends/dogs!  Taking a precise break from school while preparing by reason of this upcoming surgery.  More without ceasing that in another post…

Now back to Olympics and suspension out with the cutest dog at any time.

Share with me…

Your crush travel stories, I’m already forcible for my flight back to NYC…

Favorite marriage ceremony locations?  The backyard was really collected, but you have to have the fair house for it!

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