How can I get a D to an A in A Level Chemistry???

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Hey guys,

So I got a D in AS Chemistry and I was wondering which I could do, to get that up to one A. I did 2 papers, Unit 1 and 2, and got D’s in the pair papers.

Also, do you think I would have ~ing able to do Medical Pharmacology at Cardiff uni through these grades at AS:

English lit – B
Biology – C (resitting a unit)
Maths – C (resitting a unit)
Chemistry – D (resitting one as well as the other units)

Thank you!!


I be favored with just completed my chemistry A2 but I probably can’t give you excellence advice because you should have completed the new specification AS which won’t melt your A2 in reformed A-Level.

I command however advise lots of practice papers, and the exercise of Machemguys youtube videos:

He covers everything wise and (eventually) new spec for OCR chemistry (poor if you don’t do OCR) and a great deal of of this content overlaps with other exam plank specs.

Try hard and you direction go far. Chemistry is half remembering and half chemical intuition. The only way to frequent repetition the intuition is exposure to indiscoverable past exam papers and extra practice materials. You can find revision according to all boards and exam past papers to this place:

Take good notes constructed using exam meritorious language and use a checklist based not on the spec in order to make secure you have covered everything

Don’t suitable study your A-Level stuff, unravel around each topic, for example chirality is interesting when you look into dextrorotatory and levorotatory optical isomers in the words immediately preceding of drugs and side effects. This testament aid your understanding and your immediate perception .

Best of luck for the what may occur hereafter, you’ll need it! Chemistry is up there as one of (if not the hardest) A Level

It is a self-same reliable medicine and you can practice it for the treatment of multiform bacterial infections with confidence.

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