Graduate with low UKCAT

Hi everyone!

This is my principal post, I’m a graduate, by a pharmacology BSc (Hons) (2:i), a notice of difference at MRes, and I’m currently finishing a PhD in cancer drug which covers gene expression profiling, aspects of pharmacology & evolution of cell lines. Luckily during my PhD I’ve managed to increase much clinical contact as I’ve unceasingly had my eye on medicine!

Unfortunately my A levels aren’t generous, (BCC in the sciences), and whilst I own a B in GCSE maths, I no other than have a C in GCSE English.

Based up~ the body this I was looking to put to some UKCAT heavy GEM menstrual flux. However today I completely fluffed it, acquisition 633 average 540, 670, 690, bond 1. Hugely disappointed with my AR for example I just didn’t expect that later getting 700s in mocks!

Now I’m looking at alternatives. I am moreover late to book into the GAMSAT, on the contrary will be sitting the BMAT, this gives me a gore at Imperial (a101) and Cambridge (a100), moreover I see both as highly unlikely, especially the latter as they position most applicants have AAA at a-plain for their grad entry, hopefully the PhD stands me in more excellent stead for the a100!

Does anyone be seized of any advice regarding my best preference next? Has anyone been in this predication?

I’d be very happy to acquire on to a regular a100 progress, never mind GEM!

If you put on’t fancy reading the massive essay here’s a quick summary:

What medical schools can I realistically apply through the following?

GCSEs: B maths, C English. The rest are tot~y A or B grades.

A-Level: BCC Biology, Chemistry, Physics

University of Liverpool: Pharmacology BSc (Hons) 2:i, Pharmacology MRes name, PhD Cancer Medicine (predicted pass).

UKCAT: 540, 670, 690, Band 1 (633 ave)
GAMSAT: Cannot take this year, command take next year if in the to be expected event of no offer this year!
BMAT: Will take later this year

Work Exp:
– Vast hospital & care home continued, within and beyond the past 2 years.

Apologies during the term of the long post!

Any help pleasure be massively appreciated

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