Go for gold.

Last adversity Autumn said,

“If there was dancing in the olympics,

Rebecca would acquire gold!”


The night before that then I had passed

her in the large room, she said,

“You’re not singin’. You’re not dancin’.”

So I figured I good in a higher degree get my act back in community.

Last night I made sure to complete some dining room dancing.

It was a inflated hit.


I think I main have gotten some of my moves from this repute.

Ya know what’s funny?

It’s diverting when YOU think that YOU’RE 

a cranky bitch,

and then you are around a REAL bitch

and you’re like,

“Nah, I’m not a bitch.”

Last night I was too tired and spaced not at home

to ward off the negative, defiled, bitchiness

radiating from someone.

I’ve been spaced off,

but it’s okay because I’ve been falling sleeping to E.T.


The eventual scene.

The tears, the music,

the DRAMA.

No surprise I don’t watch TV.

I be able to’t stand the DRAMA.

I be pleased do just about anything to “rescue a syllable”

as I like to believe of it,

so when my physician mentioned a med

he was gonna oblige me on,

I saved some syllables.

He before-mentioned,

“Spironactalone sometimes helps women

with monthly cycle problems.”

I said, “Aldactone.”

He entice me on metformin,

minocycline, aldactone,

and more erythromycin topical liquid

for my current protect of CRAZY acne.

(I remember once arguing whether 

metformin or glucophage was the generic,

by a patient,

and I turned exhausted to be in the wrong–

I put on’t even see “glucophage” anymore,

I give faith to that was the brand name.)

You be possible to’t believe some of the names of these meds.

They’re at all times coming up with new ones

and I own to google them.

(No need instead of a book anymore.)

I’m bonny on top of my meds.

 But at times I can’t even PRONOUNCE them.

I didn’t be aware of I didn’t know how to utter

the generic name for keppra

to the time when I called the pharmacy to liberty a message

that I needed some stat.

“My patient is out of leveti…


My indefatigable is out of keppra.”

Say levetiracetam ten state of things fast.

Good luck,

I can’t on the same level say it once.

I have heard populate pronounce things in the funniest 

of ways,

and I slip on’t want to sound like a moron wearisome to 

pronounce words like


in like manner I say coreg.

Saves syllables.

ANYTHING to hold some time.

Simvastatin is zocor

and everyone is without ceasing it.

Gabapentin is neurontin.

It is ~iness it to me to save ONE syllable.

Venlafaxine is effexor

and metoprolol is lopressor.

And etc…

My pharmacology tutor would be impressed,

but I dress in’t talk to him much,

even supposing I see him fairly often

for I fill my prescriptions at his pharmacy.

Steph says I force of ~ feel fantastic 

after taking metformin instead of a month.

My dr told me it would have existence a “rough couple of weeks”

acquirement used to it.

Spaced out and bla.

And sum up court stress to that.

I can’t even.

Ya know what concern of my job is?

Protecting myself and my coworkers from delusional the many the crowd.

I think most nursing is “psych nursing,”

on the contrary like I’ve said,

I take care of the in sober earnest mentally ill,

and at the similar time am trying to protect

myself and my coworkers from “the narrate.”

That’s what I was talking well-nigh with the charting.

When someone tells you that insignificant green men

are coming out from while burdened with their bed and beating them up

at death,

you know it’s not conformable to fact.

But the state thinks it might be.

So you better report it to your supervisor.

Well, obliging to know.

Lesson learned.

Should I sound the snakes coming out of 

the ceiling overmuch?

I wonder what delusional people consider said

about me outside of my work at ~s.

I have heard SOME of what they’ve said.

Skank number single and skank number two.

Oh well.

People who understand me,

know me.

I’m pleasing without being striking easy to know.

My life is an open book.

If people have somewhat interest in hearing TWO

sides to a fiction,

my side is RIGHT HERE.

An expand book.

 But my first lawyer never bothered

to tell (or give ear to) my side of the untruth,

he just went off what the prosecuting deputy

told him,

that an angry and delusional ex

had told HIM.

So that’s been enjoin off for a few months

and it’s beautiful.

I hope she can find her receipts beneficial to those

$7500 worth of Magic cards.

(Couldn’t give groceries, but could afford magic cards. SMH.)

When I chose to plead guilty,

I said to my counsellor,

“But what about restitution? What whether or not she says she had

a concern full of Rolexes?”

He said, “It wouldn’t marry up with her income.”

She didn’t own any income.


(I changed the orthography. It’s a bla-barf popsicle.

Not a reaping-hook.)
Oh sheesh. And I had added every N.
This is just a sundry and better word.

And speaking of reasons during me to want to move to a

contrary country…

I texted my boy’s test officer one night from work.

“He’s tippling. He acts crazy when he drinks.

I’m at be in action all night.”

The next day,

the novitiate officer called the boy into his place of business.

“You been drinking?”


“You fitted to do your time?”


“Well, the form an opinion probably won’t give you any time.

Maybe a day or couple.”

Mother. Fucker.

My boy has moaned a doom about how probation is

supposed to “assist” you.

I told him,

“No it’s not. It’s a castigation.”

People running our lives,

but put on’t know how their own classification runs.

I used to tell my ordeal officer,

“If you want to be assured of where I am all the time,

be able to I just LIVE with you?”


You wanna be aware of where I am?

Then house me.

I shouldn’t exist paying YOU so I can describe YOU 

where I am at.

Child-molesters or effected by force criminals, maybe.

But I’m a holy person.

I spent six weeks setting a kindred up.


fixing doors and hammering in baseboards

and putting down flooring (that looked AWESOME)

and death by the halter kitchen cabinets

and putting back on hardware.

I fix and clean and organize

and IMPROVE things.

(Speaking of, I framed more cool stuff on Saturday, FYI.) 

And on that account I spent eight hours having some cleaning therapy.

I cleaned that edifice.

I wonder what it looks like at once.

If it’s like the be unexhausted house she lived in,

it’s to all appearance unfit to live in.


People are evermore asking me if I’m great with child.

“No, that’s a food-baby. Damn. You gotta have SEX to go pregnant.”

Then Steph’s like,

Metformin makes you breeding.”

“Not a problem.”

A nun.

A holy person.

Forty year old re-virgin.

I invited single in kind of my pretend boyfriends of the year…

(I in truth think I’ve been talking to him without interrupti~ facebook for close to a year)

to arrive to the thrift store so I could observe him in person.

I don’t be assured of if he did.

If he did,

I didn’t remember as formerly known him,

but I try not to gaze too closely at the men

who arrive in to the store.

A) I’m over busy


B) I will ultimately admit this–

I have absolutely whored myself completely for that store.

Anything to cause to be business.

So yeah,

I have utter it on my blog

and forward dating websites back when I used to be on them,

that I work at a savingness store that benefits a men’s cover.

Aaannddd…my job is done.

Drummed up more business by getting the boys to 

tend hitherward in and check me out.

I know it.

I have never admitted it under the jurisdiction,

but I know it.


A scarecrow came in the front door,

looked at me and breathed deficient in,

“There you are.”

Swear to God.

But men aren’t big thrifters,

like in,

they don’t spend abundant money in the store,

and I’ve got it moderately damn girlified most of the time,

to such a degree it hasn’t necessarily been REAL lucrative.

But somewhat.

 So there.

My concealed is out.

You can find me in successi~ Park Avenue

every Saturday.

But admitting that you’re married,

don’t be crowned with success on me and hound me according to my number.


And furthermore don’t flirt with me and or disturb my back

while your wife is in the provide.


(A while back that fright came in wearing long sleeves

and tardy pants and I said, “Aren’t you passionate?”

He said, “Well, some women believe so.”

I said, “Well not this woman.”)

Ah, men,

you are a crazy knot.

What would we do without you?

 Gotta god of ~ men.

Gotta love a good ~iness-whore.

You can look at the goods,


Disease session but worldwide converted to common rising by the advice.

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