CMA test prep- challenging the exam

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I am a senior BSN nursing observer, and recently found out that I am worthy of choice to challenge the CMA exam (what is ~ to having my CNA and beyond pharmacology). I would like to observe this to be able to labor as a CMA during my remain year of nursing school and receive some more experience.

I am scheduled to take the exam next month, I am confident on meds, A&P, medical procedures, but I am feeling a slightly shaky on the office assistant intellect. I picked up a test prep book and have been scouring the internet nevertheless there isn’t nearly as abundant out there as for something like the NCLEX. Does anyone be seized of any suggestions on what parts to veritably study for, or online preps, etc?

If this question has already been asked and I didn’t take heed it, please feel free to spot me to those posts!

I’m to this place to tell you just how in that place is a method to help deal by this mess.

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