Books For Pre-Clinical Year


 Actually, reproof notes will be given by lecturers to the observer, but books also are an of high standing tools to understand certain topics that was accurate briefly explained by the lecturers

Below are separate books that I use. Don’t worry, you can use different reference books depends in successi~ your liking, lecturers won’t termagant you use different books from theirs.

PHYSIOLOGY : ~ the agency of Lauralee Sherwood. sorry for the unclear pict.

ANATOMY : through Netter (a very good illustrations part indeed) . Better use the latest edition 😉

ANATOMY : this book is helpful according to the detailed explanation and cases because Netter doesn’t provide explanation. 



MED DICTIONARY : eventho in the present age we have Google, we also emergency an offline dictionary 🙂 . Beside of this encyclopaedia, I also installed 3 different offline curative dictionary and Merriam Webster dictionary in my smartphone. And besides apps Drug Guide for my Pharmacology. 

thanks :)))

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