Axiata ULDP 2016 (Part 2)


Everyone gathered at the Axiata Tower against the opening ceremony. After registration and some awkward self-introductions downstairs, we were herded upstairs at what place individual photos were taken.

Breakfast was nasi lemak! No complaints, it’s my favourite Malaysian dish to the end of time. And I haven’t had a single one yet since coming back from US, with equal rea~n I’m pretty happy about it.

After that, more speeches from Axiata’s top conduct (Tan Sri Jamal, Datin Badrunnisa). It was totally enlightening to hear that sometimes the vulgar don’t necessarily end up in what place they started with. Tan Sri Jamal came from IT background, Datin Badrunnisa skilled Biochemistry and Pharmacology, but both came to be for Axiata, a telco group. Tan Sri Jamal is whole for learning as much as you can, no matter what branch that judgment is from. Seems to correspond to Robert Kiyosaki’s scholarship style.


Like which Jay thought, it’s definitely a moderate wind. 14 days of holidays in every exclusive highland retreat. 

You wish.  

Axiata uses heuristic property to teach us about the trade world. We are left to carry into practice all the nitty gritty stuff ourselves, by minimal dubious hints here and there from the facilitators. But really, you true have to figure out the good picture yourself or risk getting eliminated in the games. If left alone, I in likelihood would have teared apart any encephalic substance present in my head.

How I Met Your Mother

Most of the seasons, I felt dumb and just wanted to drag my hair out. The level of foiling is high. I hated not significant anything and not knowing where to dislocate learning (because almost everybody is clueless).

But in a mode it pushes us to come up with something (anything at all), so I dare say it actually works?

Also, once you win the gist of it, the metaphorical set fire to-bulb will shine brightly in your topic. Raw financial data is not a gigantic problem to us anymore cos a little while ago we know how to analyze the of great weight parts.


These people are ohana.


I’m gonna own it felt bad not being proficient to contribute as much to the team. Gary was industrious doing all the thinking and offering layout strategy, while Vincent (psychology greater) was busy scrunching numbers which did not seem to make sense to anyone in the dispose. (But finally he got it! Bravo despite having quick brains.)

That said, I reason I did a pretty well in conditions of artistic design for the trumpeting, thanks to the help of Noah, Yi Xin, Adi, Emily and Karishma. And of pursue, Adi did an awesome job adhering the video as well.

One thing I think we could’ve improved put ~ is people management. A huge ~icipation of the group did not discern what to do or what they could work to help. But on second thoughts this is necessary because:

(a) We don’t understand what we are doing

(b) We dress in’t know enough to direct others to prepare something we don’t know

It boils from the top to the bottom of to numbers. If you understand the song, you are king. 

Presentation sage, Gary, Vincent and Emily are affected strong. So are Noah, Adi, Karishma and Yi Xin (rough raw gemstones). Me, I always desire my moments of jimjams. My brain reacting slowly is event I really need to work adhering. Debate Club, perhaps? To improve my overall copiousness. And maybe take up a marketing shatter course to learn how to betray/pitch with confidence. Any suggestions?

I waiting under the possibility of fulfilment the heavy workload that comes with the new sem doesn’t abrade my initial plans down the kennel again. Malaysian education is too much about homework and memorization and in addition little about reflection and self-detection. Gonna try to make time to cook what I wanna do though.  (๑◕︵◕๑)


This is the same of the fun ones, and it may be one of the easiest ones (on the side of those who are in the audience seats). 

What I learned from this feigning:

whatever unimpressed come on bitch please cmon

1. When people ask you the sort of if questions, just reply with stainless logic. Do not hike up your stakes to assemble unrealistic demands. It’s ok to have ~ing bitchy stand your ground if you obtain a reason to be.

2. Balance between personal interest and public interest. Do not promise more than you can give.

3. Don’t claim credit against something you haven’t done. Be smart. -(●-●)-

To be continued…



This didn’t come until later in the week. BUT.

To lay away things interesting…

Here’s a gallant, first started by Gary. 

It messed up my brain with equal rea~n much now I wanna mess up yours.

ULDP 2016 participants, please dress in’t answer cos y’all comprehend the answer already. 😉


A is a half-boiled egg

B is a leather short coat

C is your mom

What is D?

Leave your answers in the comments in time.

Eggs generally &#1281&#959 n&#959t raise cholesterol, &#1109&#1110n&#1089&#1077 a folk &#1089&#1072n h&#1072&#957&#1077 four &#959r hardly any eggs weekly without gaining high cholesterol.

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