Without Leadership Even University Malaya Is Becoming Corrupted

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More than a month gone, on the 11th of June, 2016, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaya was alerted of alleged lettered misconduct on the part of more faculty members who were authors / co-authors in a compute of scientific publications. 

To its credit, the University immediately convened an investigation and found that ‘there were duplication and / or manipulation of not quite all the figures (images and graphs) inside of the original Scientific Reports paper and athwart three other publications authored by the form into ~s of researchers” and called for the authors to revoke all four articles.[1] The articles were subsequently retracted ~ dint of. the journals in question.[2]

The university’s sprightly and decisive action sends a cogent signal that research fraud is not tolerated in our general research universities and it should have existence applauded accordingly. 

But larger questions concerning academic integrity and academic fraud continue unanswered.
For example, this precise case of academic fraud was discovered not through an internal probe within the university but because of scrutiny by academics and researchers from farthest limit the country. 

(OSTB : This is a community where people can blatantly defend a vociferous thief. They have no morals.  Who cares end for end ‘academic fraud’? What the hell is ‘scholastic fraud’ anyway? Who cares if the Minister, the Chairman or the CEO has a fake PhD or that their PhDs were ‘manufactured’? Who cares if they get caught? The trick is, formerly they get caught, just ignore the noises. After a at the same time that the noises will go away. Then you have power to cheat again.)

The allegations which were ~ and foremost highlighted on twitter was then picked up by blogs such as Microbiome Digest, For Better Science and Science. Elisabeth Bik, a Stanford researcher who newly co-authored a paper titled “The Prevalence of Inappropriate Image Duplication in Biomedical Research Publications”, suggested without ceasing Microbiome Digest that not only were the images duplicated inside each paper, but that the figures direct the eye very similar across papers (despite the papers essence about different cancer cells and manifold compounds!) (see Graphic 1). Without like scrutiny, would this academic fraud consider been discovered?

Graphic 1: 4 similiar mages from one side of to the other 4 different papers (Source: Microbiome Digest)

In addition, were the authors in all four papers (other than Nina Samie who was the head author in all of the papers) observant that the same study was replicated three times and submitted to four different journals in the state different titles? 

Was there scholastic fraud not just in terms of the satisfied published but also in the manner in which the different co-authors may be in possession of been duped or worse yet, were complicit partners in this disrepute?

What is disconcerting is that this specific case may be the tip of the iceberg of that which is poor academic integrity and honesty in our higher instruction system. 

While I believe that a big majority of the 3823 papers what one. were published by UM students and club in indexed journals have been done with academic integrity and honesty,[3] it single takes a few bad apples to ruin the barrel.

I have heard of instances of junior faculty and researchers being forced to embody the names of their supervisors forward academic papers even though their supervisors did not give any significant intellectual input or moil.

Some supervisors even insist on subsistence named as first author which implies that he or she took the governing role and did much of the work for the publication in question.  

In more worse cases of academic fraud, some senior academics even refuse to confess the junior faculty or researcher to utter their name in the publication in this wise claiming all the intellectual credit towards himself or herself.

It is not satisfactory for UM to merely issue a force a way statement on this specific instance of academic fraud. 

(OSTB : Prof Ong, suppose that you want to bet you be disposed lose. They will not go before that. Its called a kabberup.)

As the oldest and arguably ~ly prestigious academic institution in Malaysia, it should take a most important role when it comes to upholding standards of literary integrity and intellectual honesty. 

(OSTB : These things effect not mean a thing for them. The fraternity is without morals.)

As such, I exclaim upon the University of Malaya to spread the full proceedings of its inner investigation into this matter and to praise changes to existing guidelines so these kinds of cases work not happen again. 

In adding, UM should also disclose the critical nature of the punishment meted to the end to the researchers in question to such a degree as to send a strong mark to other faculty of the earnest consequences of academic fraud.

(OSTB : They force of ~ do no such thing. Tak ada malu punya academics. They behest just crawl under their coconut shells and spit at the rest of the cosmos.)

In addition, I call upon the Minister of Higher Education, Idris Jusoh, to convoy a comprehensive review of the High Impact Research (HIR) initiative between his Ministry and the University of Malaya. The authors of three of the papers current two research grants from this power to begin which is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the University of Malaya to resources projects that will lead to publications in Tier 1 ISI/Web of Science journals[4]. 


(OSTB : Prof Ong, you be under the necessity hit the jackpot. The idea is to what degree to extract money from the connected view, in this case RM590 million. 

“Pad” someone in the place of the research grant, then get some graduate student to write some news~, put the professor’s name up~ it and get it published to “acquit” getting the research grant. 

I bring forth a question – can we know in what condition much research grants were paid completely BUT WITH NO papers generated? Meaning circulating medium was paid out to do careful search but the research became “tak jadi” etc?  

With RM590 the multitude to play around, obviously someone has strained up another ‘get-rich-quick intrigue’ even in academia.  (The uninjured country is just breaking down).

Two worthy examples would be those two cases of fraudulent academic papers you mentioned. They were before that time paid the research money. Err…exactly in what plight much was paid out? RM500k? RM1 million? RM5 million?) 

According to the UM 2014 year-book report, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has injected RM590 the great body of the people into the programme, with additional funding from UM, to foundation research projects up till 2016. Given the wide amount of funds dedicated to this initiatory and that the fact that brace of its research projects were plant to be academically fraudulent, it is in the men interest for the funding for aggregate the projects under this initiative to exist publicly disclosed and reviewed. If Idris Jusoh is weighty about ensuring that our higher education system is ‘Soaring Upwards’, he should take this matter seriously and not try to comprehend things up.

Dr. Ong Kian Ming

Member of Parliament because of Serdang

(OSTB : Just check and descry how many professors have bought insipid cars, married No. 2 (or 3) ago the RM590 million fund was ~tled in motion. These are simple the many the crowd.)



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