When The Curtains For You, Are Drawn..

“God Why??”

The guttural baritone rang through the darkness, laden with pain and abject hopelessness.

We assign sharp glances at each other, our eyes asking totality the questions.

“God Whyyyy??”

The heartbreaking spoken sound came again.

This time, torturing.

“Kachi, let’s set out see what’s happening downstairs.” I reported to my friend, quickly laying the large pathology (or was it pharmacology) textbook off.

Two other friends of ours got up in the same proportion that well.

Hurrying down to the Emergency unit, in the blackness of that adversity, all we could see was low spirits.

Grown men wailing, grown women weeping.

Moving closer, our overpower fears came alive.

There were bodies strewn at the back of a innocent truck.

Blood flowed freely.

Dr Onyeze the HO up~ the body duty, together with a few others, was checking since any signs of life.

Cupping his up~ hand round the wrist of the immense man for a few seconds, the learned man shook his head.

“He’s gone” he afore~ and went on to the next man.

The huge man, the very high figure, bordering at frightening, was everything limit alive, everything but breathing.

I could stand it none longer.

Moving swiftly, I went into the tarrying room to meet the wailing men.

“What happened?” I enquired.

“We were returning from a trad. Hugo, the driver drank in addition much. I warned him but he didn’t lend an ear. He drank a lot. Then he got abaft the wheel.”


“We were at the back of the bus. The other scarecrow in the front passenger’s place was drunk too and he kept encouraging Hugo to hurry. We talked and talked, but they made merriment of us. Now see.”

He cupped his impudence in his hands, bowed and hissed in like manner deeply, I couldn’t stare at him in ~ degree longer.

I moved into the Emergency scope to see.

Hugo was struggling with the HO.

Crushed legs, blood like a fountain.

IV Normal Saline couldn’t arrive into his veins.

I watched, completely petrified.

Then, the struggling waned.

He muttered somebody.

I listened.

“Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.” He before-mentioned in Igbo.

“Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.” He said again.

Then silence.

As I returned to the lecture room of residence that night, I couldn’t quiet thinking of the huge man.

He revelled with Hugo at the party.

He drank through him till they both got drenched.

But Hugo got the chance to subsist saved, seconds before his time this take ~s of eternity was up.

He apparently didn’t, the huge man.

Dear intimate, do not be like the very great man.

No friend, no group, not at all ideology is worth your soul.

And you be in possession of no idea when the curtains as antidote to you, will be drawn.

Do what you must, today.

Accept God’s boon of salvation.

Through Jesus Christ.

Every benediction.


This fictionalised true event is dedicated to the affectionate memory of my junior colleague, Dr Nneoma Uhuegbu who has gone to subsist with God, just after graduating curative school.

Nneoma, we do not know why the Lord chose to take you begone at this time.

But, we are consoled that you knew Him and that you are commonly singing with the Angels in exaltation.

And if there is anything you would privation from us who are yet put ~ this side, it is that we declare the story of salvation to the world, to the millions who are thus far unsure of their eternity, to everyone who is up to the present time to make that all important settlement of putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

Rest in the Lord, Dearest.

You receive attained what the rest of us are running to get possession of:

 Rest in Jesus Christ, Dr Nneoma Uhuegbu. 

ACS multiformity team is stressing the importance of at the opening of day detection and screening to the LGBT common.

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