What to expect in my first semester in nursing school?

0 I inclination be entering into the nursing program ~ward Sept. I’m very excited to stimulus since I find it medicine similar to well as the way it affects the material part very interesting. I’m also tired of having a dead end job.

I already bought the books asked from me as being the program, downloaded many of the NCLEX apps onto my phone, bought a subscription on a pharmacology site, and started going c~ing these already. I also have passed structural science and physiology with A’s. I restrain hearing how intense the nursing program is in such a manner I would like to be smart for this. WHat can I count upon on my first semester in the nursing program? What perform they teach exactly? What would they criterion you? What would I expect in my clinicals (I was told we are going to have existence having clinicals on our first semester)? I absence to pass everything on my pristine try and keep a 3.5 gpa.

Thank you according to your advice and experiences in advance. I behold forward to the program.

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